Tommy Hilfiger Is My Middle Name

And then it was time for Paris!

Paris is always a good idea! The city, the vibe and the people are just one of a kind! In those magic moments my partner in crime was my Tommy Hilfiger suit and  now i am sure that i couldn't found something more suitable for that day. Embracing for one more time my gentleman side i took some pictures during Fashion Week just for you! Blue will never gonna prove you wrong gentlemen. Choose a nice tailored suit that is well fitted and try to accessories it. Ties, scarves, watches and bags will help you create a really cool outfit. Just one advice, don't try to mix a lot of colors together.  If you need any help, I would be very happy to answer in any of your questions so don't  hesitate to email me. Until the next time be really cool!



Pasquale K.