Palm Tree Addiction

Hello everyone!

There is nothing better than spending a sunny Sunday at the park. Of course being well dressed is always a must. For this photoshoot the aviator style was my main inspiration. As long as i have my Ray-Bans on there is nothing to be afraid!

Palm trees are kind my latest obsession. I keep dreaming about summer and to tell you the truth i can not wait to hit the Greek islands.  Green is one of the colors that we are going to see a lot this season so i went for it. I choose this one green leather bomber jacket which i paired it with a coral shirt, cream trousers, green tie and monk shoes. Sunglasses is something that i can not avoid. Those are really comfortable and very easy to carry with. Gentlemen don't afraid to play hard with your style. Dress to impress, ladies am I right?

Until next time guys, keep rocking!

Pasquale K.