Binauric Boom Boom Wireless Smart Speaker

They say simplicity is the key to good design, and perhaps nothing is more fluid and natural than human conversation. Recognizing this, French designer Mathieu Lehanneur incorporated seamless human voice-overs (in any language) into his latest work for Binauric: the Boom Boom Wireless Smart Speaker. The portable speaker packs 15 hours of playback time into a compact polygonal body, connecting seamlessly with either iOS or Android devices via Bluetooth and traditional headphone methods. A key focus in Lehanneur’s design was tactility, and accordingly other nifty features include a headphone cord that loops into a carrying strap, and a touchpad for manual sound management, and a soft silicone body. Learn more about the Boom Boom Wireless Smart Speaker with the videos above and below, then head here to pick up one of your own.