La Cabuche In Swiss Vineyards

Situated in the genevan vineyards in switzerland, ‘la cabuche’ by swiss studio bureau A is an accommodating stone building for wine-drinking aficionados. Accessed only by foot, the humble structure emerges from the landscape to welcome people into a secret community reunion, away from the city. A blue fluorescent sign over the entrance hints at the fact something unusual waits inside. an oval white light fills the interior, illuminating the space and the guest’s faces against contrasting purple seating.

‘The feeling of a beautifully composed landscape, as the one surrounding la cabuche, has a counterpart. there is, in this extreme tranquility, a sense of strangeness, a vibrant worrying feeling suspended in the air.’ says bureau A. 

 bureau A entertains wine drinkers at la cabuche in swiss vineyards 

all images © dylan perrenoud