The First Environmentally Friendly Personal Watercraft

High-tech development company Quadrofoil presents “the world’s first fully electric and completely environmentally friendly hydrofoiling personal watercraft,” hinting at what the future has in store for us in the way of technically advanced marine transport. The Quadrofoil offers the user unmatched freedom with a zero emission motor that allows it to be driven on lakes, rivers, seas and ecological areas where most other means of water transport have been prohibited. Utilizing nothing but buoyancy force to create lift and movement, the Quadrofoil is controlled by a detachable steering wheel with integrated touchscreen abilities to notify the pilot of battery power, speed and consumption. Weighing in at little over 100 kg, the craft’s resistance is minimal and allows for a smoother, more efficient journey. In an effort to prevent potential disaster is a carefully considered range of safety specifications — an anti-collision system will help absorb force in case of shock, and the hollow hull assures us that the Quadrofoil is in fact unsinkable with accompanying stability system to ensure the vessel remains horizontal at all times. Costing more than $18,000 for the standard Q2A Electric model, it’s an expensive piece of kit and rightfully so. Read more about the company’s story here. But the most important question is, would you be prepared to part with that kind of money? We recommend doing so if you’re planning a trip to Cannes sometime soon. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.