The Ultimate Private Jet for Athletes by Nike

For the benefit of its athletes, Nike alongside design firm Teague have come up with designs for a potential private jet to help ferry teams to and from the field. Without jumping to conclusions that this is to add even more luxury to their lives, the main purpose behind the concept is to ensure better performance as studies show that athletes who cross more than three timezones end up with a 60 percent chance of losing their games. With that said, the renderings do display a space of utmost comfort along with the latest in on-flight technology. “Space” is one of the main focuses as the jet — which can typically seat 100-400 passengers — is customized with a team of 13 in mind. As for technology, much like the Nike FuelBand, the jet is conceived to collect physiological data from its passengers through sensors in their clothing. Although not a reality yet, the future of sports is looking more akin to a crew entering battle on the Starship Enterprise. Read more about Nike’s “Ultimate Private Jet” from the source below.