Olympus OM-D E-5 Mark II

Olympus has announced the OM-D E-5 Mark II, a classic SLR camera that is smaller and lighter, yet packed with technical refinements. Trading in the previously utilized 16MP output for 40MP, images are sharper and more detailed than ever before. Blurry photos are a thing of the past thanks to the built-in stabilizer. With each click, a burst of eight images are captured, which are then combined to create one incredibly clear snapshot. The shutter speed sees an improvement too with a 1/16000 second close time, which means during burst mode it is possible to capture 10 frames per second. The large viewfinder now operates at a higher resolution of 1024×768 pixels and the camera as a whole is water-resistant and can withstand drops of over 6 feet. The Olympus OM-D E-5 Mark II is set for a late-February release, starting at $1,250 USD.