Enjoy Life In Style With Bluemint

Bluemint is a premium beachwear brand that captures the unique, memorable moments in life with effortless style and comfort. It is Gentlemans Diary latest addiction. Created to enjoy with family and friends the magic of long Mediterranean summers, Bluemint is defined by its tailored clean aesthetic, attention to details and an international timeless appeal. A brand for true gentlemen!

Inspired from real life experiences, different lifestyles, art, travel and photography; Bluemint is an indispensable part of life, starting from the beach up to the city. The expertise in fabrics and design, the attention to colour and outstanding quality make of Bluemint one of the world’s best beachwear brands to be worn in style and comfort for many years to come. Thanks to its durability it can be worn for years to come, creating a personal style for each season. 

Each swim shorts is made with the utmost attention to details using time-tested methods of construction and finishing so they can fit just perfect to every body type. Gentlemans Diary advise is to go for the 'Arthur' swim short model. Take a minute to visit Bluemints official site. Check out the big variety of products that Bluemint offers and choose yours. Enjoy more here.