Beijing Bridge Inspired By Olympic Rings

Ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, architecture studio Penda has designed a new bridge connecting Beijing and neighboring city Zhangjiakou where some of the outdoor Olympic games are slated to take place. Inspired by the five Olympic rings, the structure consists of a series of overlapping arcs made from tubular stainless-steel struts. The shape also pays homage to the nearby mountains, which led to the name San Shan Bridge (translated as Three Mountains Bridge). The 452-meter bridge adds an inviting context toward the mountainous scenery of Zhangjiakou, as envisioned by architects Chris Precht and Dayong Sun. The helix construction provides structural support similar to a roller coaster, while using five times less steel than a regular box-girder frame. Finally, a row of hedges and trees create divisions on the deck separating pedestrians and cyclists from cars. If the project is approved, it will spearhead a system of upgrades for Beijing’s preparation of the Winter Olympics.