Why You Should Wear Birkenstocks!


1. First of all, you can get Birkenstocks in a ton of different colors or styles, there are literally hundreds of options.

2. They’re good for your feet!

3. They look great without socks.

4. You'll own and wear them for decades, literally.

5. And you can even get them repaired when they start to show age.

6. They’re chunky, and look great with skinny jeans.

7. Or shorts, OMG they look great with shorts!

8. They’re made from natural, renewable, non-toxic materials

9. They look great on both men and women.

10. And make for an ideal traveling shoe, especially when going through airport security.

11. They're crazy comfortable.

12. They're perfect for wearing around the house

13. Or a day at the beach.