This Jaguar E-Type Has Been Driven From Border To Border

For its latest installment, Petrolicious traveled to Peru to spotlight one very passionate Jag owner named Miguel Rodrigo. Not only does Rodrigo have an affinity for the British vintage car, but he is an architect by profession who appreciates good design—revering the luxurious and curvaceous silhouette of his 1964 Jaguar E-Type Roadster. “I’m an architect, and I’m very design-oriented. I think it’s a classic that everybody likes; you don’t need to be a car aficionado to like this car,” he says.

In the beautiful six-minute clip, the architect goes on to relay the difficulties of possessing a classic car in the South American country—especially during a Peruvian dictatorship in the 1960s when “cars from all over the world” were seized by the government. After the fact, Rodrigo worked relentlessly to import the beloved E-Type so he petitioned for a change in the importation law and won. Moreover, Rodrigo was also a co-founder and two-time champion of an organization that holds coast-to-coast races in Peru.

Watch the clip above to get a more in-depth look at Rodrigo’s 1964 Jaguar E-Type Roadster.

The New, Extended 'Top Gear' Trailer Shows off a Serious Roster of Vehicles

The all-new series of Top Gear has an extended trailer out that builds upon the previous trailer‘s high-production values. This new spot for the long-running auto-show sees hosts Chris Evans, Matt Leblanc, the new Stig, et al. whipping around the world in gloriously saturated HD. There’s a veritable all-star team of vehicles: Aston Martins, McLarens, Mustangs, Corvettes… you name it, it’s getting pushed to its very limits. Evans even attempts to race a Viper against a fighter jet.

All in all, there is about 3/4 of a minute’s worth of extra footage; the extended look at the series comes just days after the BBC announced that it would be bumping the series premiere from May 8 in order to avoid a clash with the live premiere of the Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals. The new premiere date of May 29, however, seems to conflict with BGT‘s live finale, so the Beeb seems to have swapped out one scheduling conflict for another. Given all of the turmoil behind the scenes, we’re interested to see how this new series of Top Gearshapes up and how it stacks up against Hammond, Clarkson and May’s new Amazon show, The Grand Tour. Which will you be tuning in to?

Volvo S90 Excellence Interior Concept

First previewed at last year’s Shanghai Auto Show, Volvo has provided an update on its executive-class Lounge Console concept by elevating it into a “sculpture.” As a visualization of how the concept would look inside the marque’s S90 Excellence sedan, the concept entirely removes the front passenger seat to make way for a console that incorporates an iPad entertainment unit and shoe storage, as well as functioning as a heated foot rest. Meanwhile, the rear center arm rest has a foldout table and wireless keyboard, a champagne cooler, and space for two crystal chalices from luxury glassmaker Orrefors. Offering configurations for work, play and rest, the Lounge Console will no doubt provide that extra bit of incentive for executives to stay on the road.

Mr. Burberry

Introducing the new fragrance for men, inspired by both the iconic black trench coat and by London – a city of great contrasts. Traditional yet irreverent, elegant without being pristine.

Eau de Toilette

Crafted top notes of crisp zesty grapefruit with a seductive base of earthy vetiver and smokey guaiac wood


A contemporary grooming collection infused with the invigorating and sensual scent of Mr. Burberry


A man of contrasts. Classic yet contemporary, sophisticated and sensual, Mr. Burberry is celebrated with a sartorial ready-to-wear men’s collection including the new Chelsea fit Heritage Trench Coat. The edit pays tribute to classic British tailoring with a sense of irreverence.

The Good Italian II - The Prince goes to Milan - starring Giancarlo Giannini

The beautifully cinematic and playful Part I of Caruso’s fashion film, The Good Italian, reminded us of classic Italian sensibilities and the charming temperament of a fine gentleman. Reprising his role as the Prince of Soragna, which happens to be the home of the Italian suitmaker, is Giancarlo Giannini (Casino Royale). As the short piece seamlessly crafts a narrative that embodies the beauty and traditions of Italy, viewers are swept up on a culinary journey that continues on from the whimsical stylings of the first installment. As the prince visits the city of Milan, he travels in an exquisite Lancia Aurelia B24 and makes a final stop at the Four Seasons Hotel. There, he fraternizes with the chefs in the Michelin-starred hotel kitchen as they prepare the perfect dinner. Set against the infinitely beautiful backdrop of Italy, Giancarlo’s title character is a vision of refinement and sophistication that reflects the ethos of the label. You can watch the full video above.


The objective of Caruso’s new short movie is to represent and promote, through the most universal media that exists, the brand’s inspiring concept: THE LIFESTYLE OF A GOOD ITALIAN. Caruso wants the world to know that the whole of Italy, not just the most famous tourist destinations, is imbued with that and that have made the “Italian lifestyle” so natural, yet so extraordinary to appear almost unreal. And this is why the narrative uses the language of fairy-tales and “suspension of disbelief” as artistic approach. 

The movie take's place in Soragna. A tiny town of 4,000 inhabitants in the lower Po river valley, where Caruso’s tailoring laboratory is based, represents a concentrate of the great assets of a peaceful and sophisticated Italy that will never go out of fashion.

Nature,Art, Opera,Architecture, Gastronomy,Tailoring... are all expressed to the best in Soragna and its immediate surroundings, to be visited on foot, by bicycle or in a horse-pulled carriage like the noble families that were once the masters of these lands. Caruso, which carries the best of the Italian tailoring tradition in a contemporary setting, wanted this fantastic story to evoke the emotions and pleasure that give authenticity and meaning to the brand.

The plot is all about meeting the unexpected. A couple of English tourists on bike come across by chance a small tumbledown farmhouse, which reveals, behind the creaking door, the interior of a princely mansion: the dining room of the of the Prince Meli Lupi of Soragna, featuring some of the most important baroque frescoes in northern Italy.

The prince, played by actor Giancarlo Giannini, is very hospitable and welcomes the two tourists to his table, laden with from the cellars of Italy’s top producer (the “Antica Corte Pallavicina” of the Spigaroli brothers) together with the typical local wines, from the cellar of a renowned award-winning restaurant in Soragna,“La Stella D’Oro”.

All the pieces worn in the short movie, which lasts 5 minutes in its full version, will be available for purchase, both at the two Caruso flagship stores in New York and Milan and by e-commerce at, the new style platform of YOOX.

Versus Versace 2015 Fall/Winter Collection

Having been firmly seated atop fashion’s pecking order for almost 40 years, much of Versace’s story is rooted in a certain sense of familial legacy. 2015 has seen a bit of changing of the guards across the industry as a whole, with the Versus Versace imprint being the latest brand to adopt a new creative director. The label called on renowned designer Anthony Vaccarello for the job, who here debuts his inaugural collection for Versus Versace. The collection is informed by a youthful flair, which is embodied through rebellious, military-inspired silhouettes and detailing. Simultaneously, Vaccarello also makes use of tartan plaids on kilts and slim-legged trousers to create a versatile punk aesthetic. Enjoy this first look at the collection with the video above, and head to the Versus Versace website to purchase your favorites.

Louis Vuitton 2015 Spring/Summer Men's Collection Video

Luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton has offered a glimpse of its 2015 spring/summer items through this new collection video. The visuals display a number of different outfits in a formal-meets-casual aesthetic. Tailored trousers are paired with bomber jackets across a multitude of palettes, from dark to playfully bright. Highlights from the collection include the orange flight jacket and bowling shirt, which look to be perfect additions to the summer wardrobe. Watch the video above and keep an eye out for the pieces to release atLouis Vuitton stores soon.