A Look Inside the Hervet Exhibition at Maxfield LA

French furniture company Hervet recently launched an exhibition inside Maxfield’s Beverly Hills output in Los Angeles, California. Helmed by co-founders Cedric and Nicolas Hervet, the show displays a stunning selection of handmade pieces in futurist forms. Cutting-edge block desks, coffee tables, and lounge chairs are placed throughout the Jean Prouvé building. Highlights include the company’s Le Satellite that houses a Bose sound system, Passager armchairs made of steel and full-grain leather, and smaller items such as the Astrolux lamp crafted out of exotic wood as well as Vedette skate decks. All items were built using traditional woodworking techniques such as marquetry and veneering.

View the exhibition above and drop by Maxfield LA where the show is open to the public until June 28. Shop select products at Hervet’s official website. In other design news, Raf Simons curated Calvin Klein’s first-ever installation at Design Miami 2018.

Maxfield LA
8825 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90069