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Winter Well Lived With The Grey Goose Family

Hello everyone,

A few weeks ago I had the chance to be reunited with my Grey Goose family again. This time we headed to the mountains to enjoy the wintery slops and of course a lot of Grey Goose drinks. The family was very excited and we all really enjoyed being together again. We had the opportunity to do some ski, enjoy the local food and do some spa. This time I will let pictures talk instead of me. Take a look at the following pictures and drink responsibly.

Ford Unveils Its Most Powerful Street-Legal Mustang, the 2020 Shelby GT500

Ford has just unveiled its most powerful Mustang to date at this year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The 2020 Ford Shelby GT500 receives a supercharged 5.2-litre V8 motor that is matched with Ford’s newly-developed dual-clutch, seven-speed transmission — equating to 700 horsepower, all the while allowing the Shelby GT500 to sprint quarter-miles in just under 11 seconds.

Sporting the Shelby Cobra badge, the GT500 comes in various trims including a “Track Pack” which sees a number of carbon bits, Recaro seats, massive Brembo six-piston calipers, and even the removal of the rear seats for weight reduction. This is definitely going to please the American muscle crowd, as not only does the 2020 Ford Shelby GT500 get a massive boost in power, but its also receives refined interior/exterior styling, combined with quality components.

Look for more information on availability and pricing this coming fall. In other automotive news, the 2020 Toyota Supra has finally arrived.

Zara Man's 2016 Fall/Winter Campaign

Zara has been under fire as of late for “plagiarizing” designs from other artists – some motifs the company used looked similar to that of Tuesday Bassen’s work and a recent collection strangely resembled Kanye West’s Yeezy line. Nevertheless, the fast-fashion giant moves on and now we get a glimpse of their men’s collection for the 2016 fall/winter season. In this campaign, we see Zara sticking to what it does best – high-end looking staples that won’t break your budget. Although shot in black and white, the spread does a good job showcasing some of the outerwear offerings the label will shortly be releasing — boiled-wool top coats, shearling-trimmed leather jackets, denim pieces, and a few bombers. The suits and knits are also something to watch out for in the coming months.


Volvo S90 Excellence Interior Concept

First previewed at last year’s Shanghai Auto Show, Volvo has provided an update on its executive-class Lounge Console concept by elevating it into a “sculpture.” As a visualization of how the concept would look inside the marque’s S90 Excellence sedan, the concept entirely removes the front passenger seat to make way for a console that incorporates an iPad entertainment unit and shoe storage, as well as functioning as a heated foot rest. Meanwhile, the rear center arm rest has a foldout table and wireless keyboard, a champagne cooler, and space for two crystal chalices from luxury glassmaker Orrefors. Offering configurations for work, play and rest, the Lounge Console will no doubt provide that extra bit of incentive for executives to stay on the road.

BMW Looks to the Future With Its Vision Next 100 Concept

This year marks the 100-year anniversary of The Ultimate Driving Machine and, to celebrate, BMW has unveiled its most futuristic concept to date. Dubbed the Vision Next 100, the car follows the likes of January’s i8 concepts and envisions what the BMW of 2116 may look like. The result? A low-sitting, fully electric sedan that boasts the likes of four butterfly doors (each of which opens via proximity sensors), “flexible skin”-covered wheels, and the ability to drive itself. The car even boasts a driver-centric Boost mode whereby the driver takes control of the wheel as “Alive Geometry” presents three-dimensional warning messages or even shows the optimum line and speed the driver should take on the road. If autonomous Ease mode is more your style, however, you can kick back as the steering wheel becomes flush with the dash, the seats recline to a more comfy limo-like ride and the car itself points out surrounding scenery and passing landmarks. The Vision Next 100 also employs a so-called Companion personal assistant that monitors both the driver and passengers, learns their habits and adapts to their needs over time — it can even interact with nearby pedestrians.

For more on the German automotive giant’s vision of century ahead, venture on over to BMW’s dedicated Next 100 website.

Deus Ex Machina “Red Pill” Motorbike

Deus Ex Machina from Down Under has unveiled the “Red Pill,” a custom two-wheeler with a surfboard rack molded on to its side. Designed by Jeremy Tagand, the bespoke Kawasaki W650 is constructed for the enthusiast of both the road and the coast. The slick vintage rework replaces the air box with re-jetted carbs which quaff air to twin K&N filters, while the battery has also been shifted to under the swing arms for a more compact appearance. Custom ace bars, digital clock custom stainless font and rear fenders, and Rizoma mirrors and indicators round out Tagand’s appealing design. Head to Deus Ex Machina for more information on availability.


The Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA Transforms Its Shape in the Name of Aerodynamics

The Frankfurt Motor Show is currently under way, showcasing some of the finest cars and concepts to hit our roads in the near future. One of such concepts is this: the Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA. While most will assume the IAA stands for the show’s full German title “Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung,” the cleverly convenient acronym actually stands for “Intelligent Aerodynamics Automobile.” Accordingly, once the IAA hits a set speed of about 50 mph (or manually triggered), its tail section will extend almost 15 inches away from its core chassis, allowing for a much higher degree of rear downforce and a drag coefficient of a mere 0.19. While this technology is not new (the SLS AMG, also manufactured by Mercedes-Benz, has an adaptive rear spoiler that would deploy at 75 mph), a transformation of this magnitude is definitely a feat of engineering. Along with the rear, aerodynamic flaps in the front and rear bumper also activate to force wind away from the “active rims,” thus reducing turbulence. Due to the conceptual stage of the IAA, no release date or pricing is available, but keep an eye out for this new technology in the near future.


Ducati Unveils the Monster 1200 R

Celebrated Italian bike manufacturer Ducati took to IAA in Frankfurt this week to unveil the most powerful version of its most popular naked bike: an “R” version of the Monster 1200. Utilizing the 1198cc Testastretta DS R (the latest take on Ducati’s classic V-twin), the new bike offers increased power and speed over its predecessor — improving on the 1200 S’s specs with 117.7kW of power at 9,250 rpm while torque tops out at 131 Nm at 7,750 rpm — thanks largely to a two-into-one-into-two exhaust of 58 mm pipes. Other improvements over the S include the likes of a wet clutch with slipper functionality, an adjustable Ohlins suspension, Brembo brakes, and Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tires — all of which have been borrowed from Ducati’s top-of-the-line 1299 Panigale.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Ref. 26574

Audemars Piguet returns with a new take on its most popular model, the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar. Available in four different versions — stainless steel and rose gold with either a navy blue or “Grande Tapisserie” silver dial — the reference 26574 features a larger case than its predecessors (up from 39 mm to 41 mm) so as to make both the dial and its indicators more legible. As per usual, the dial showcases day, date, astronomical moon, month and leap year displays while the 52 weeks of the year have been added in the form of an outer chapter ring and third center-mounted hand. Powering the design is a brand new caliber 5134 movement, which can be seen through the sapphire crystal case back.

The Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Ref. 26574 is now available at Audemars stockists for $95,700 USD in rose gold while the steel version retails for $60,900 USD.


House Dornbirn by k_m architektur

Offering some of the most stunning views of the Rhine Valley, Lake Constance and the mountains of Varalberg imaginable is k_m architektur’s House Dornbirn. Constructed of locally-sourced timber, concrete, copper and glass, the beautiful family home — completed over the previous two years — sports a floating and cantilevered design that sees its roof canopy providing ample shade to the balcony beneath it while also protecting the home from the relentless summer sun. Furthermore, thanks to the predominance of the home’s timber, the meadow-set design naturally blends in with the surrounding environment and will age with time to merge with the surrounding trees even better yet. Inside, private and communal areas are clearly delineated with bedrooms and the like located on a top floor that opens up to a terrace — which encircles the entirety of the level — that offers expansive views of the landscape. Best of all, sustainable considerations — in addition to the local materials — include the likes of a solar-heated water system and geothermal heating.


Casa Brutale Cliffside Concept by OPA

Billed as “a geometrical translation of the landscape” and “an uncladded statement on the simplicity and harmony of contemporary architecture,” OPA presents the ambitious Casa Brutale. Intended as an inverted nod to the infamous Casa Malaparte on the eastern side of the Italian island of Capri, the innovative wood, glass, and concrete design converges with the surrounding earth to offer stunning views of the Aegean from its cliff side setting. Marked by a crystalline glazed-bottom swimming pool on the rooftop as a poetic continuation of the vast blue skies and nearby sea — a design element that also exists to offer abundant natural light to dynamically illuminate the interior of the residence below — the conceptual home employs a massive monolithic glass facade to frame the beauty of the ocean views. As for the residence itself, 50 steps lead down to the entrance — an enormous rotating door of aged wood — while the bare concrete and wooden planks of the interior serve as a raw and unpretentious nod to the minimalism of the brutalist movement.


Bottega Veneta Pour Homme Luxury Shaving Collection


Bottega Veneta Pour Homme elicits a journey fusing rugged sensuality, subtle intellect, and raw intrigue that endures in the mind like a memory not soon to be forgotten. To mark the first anniversary of its signature men's scent, Bottega Veneta created the Luxury Shaving Collection, a proposal that offers an entirely new way to experience the unique fragrance.

Bottega Veneta Pour Homme is a fresh, intriguing and understated fragrance, one where distinctive Bottega Veneta notes of precious Labdanum, Fir Balsam and Bergamot blend into a sensuous leather signature with the power of to enchant. Woven with rare and noble materials that create an unforgettable, lingering masterpiece, the woody, aromatic scent takes us on an inspiring journey in time and place, and captures the essence of the Bottega Veneta man.

The new luxury shaving Collection incorporates an exfoliating scrub, a shaving cream, as well as an after shave lotion. Use individually with particular purpose, or combine the complementary products for the ultimate experience, using the collection as a whole to achieve the best results.

The Bottega Veneta Creative Director Tomas Majer Says, "There is something timeless and deeply personal about the ritual of shaving. The collection reflects Bottega Veneta's understand design aesthetic as well as an appreciation for this intimate masculine gesture."

So gentlemen take the opportunity to elevate your shaving process and own the new Bottega Veneta Luxury Shaving Collection as soon as possible.

Dior Homme – Les Essentiels #9 – Tuxedo

Menswear essential and Dior Homme icon, the tuxedo comes in three-piece form for Summer 2015. Navy blue wool, with notched lapel jacket and concealed button waistcoat, or double-breasted in navy blue herringbone striped wool with notched silk lapel, it’s paired with a Christian Dior embroidered collar shirt and a tie that’s matte or featuring the “generation/civilisation” motif. Injecting the Dior Homme tuxedo with modernity and a new allure.

PROD Architecture latest project

Taking the traditional, archetypal silhouette of the gabled house, PROD Architecture & Design has disrupted the enclosed form of the shape by combining four of them into one expansive and continuous shape. The result is a beautifully stark and airy holiday home for a family of four in the north of Portugal. Joined by an interstitial space in the middle, the three-storey complex features a garage, wine cellar and laundry room at basement level, the kitchen, dining room and sleeping quarters at ground level, and a quiet study at mezzanine level. Patinated pine boards provide a warm counterweight to the granite structures, while the floor-to-ceiling glazed windows can be fully retracted to remove the boundary between interior and exterior.

Saint Laurent Reopens Its Faubourg Saint-Honoré Flagship

The Saint Laurent flagship store in Paris recently underwent a significant renovation, representing a bit of a departure from the minimalist design aesthetic of most of its other retail spaces. The opulent space features the same black and white marble palette and chrome finishings seen throughout most of its stores, with added details in the form of Art Deco finishings and a collection of African masks. The space also acts as a design museum of sorts, with items from the permanent collection and accessories showcased throughout the space, along with furnishings by Jacques Adnet, Théo Ruth, André Sornay and Jacques-Émile Ruhlmann by Alfred Porteneuve. The store is located at 38 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, and would be worth a visit if you are in the Paris area.


BMW Apollo Streamliner by Mehmet Doruk Erdem

Turkey-based industrial designer Mehmet Doruk Erdem has developed a futuristic motorcycle concept for BMW. Dubbed the “Apollo Streamliner,” the bike is a unique fusion of heritage and cutting edge characteristics, with a particular emphasis on speed. The two-wheeler’s classically-styled brown saddle, exposed engine and rear suspension serves as a contrast to the aerodynamic sloping front section that completely covers the front wheel. Probably more fitted to breaking landspeed records than for daily use, check out the BMW Apollo Streamliner above and head over to designboom to get a better look.


24k Gold Xbox One by ColorWare

Because splashing gold over a Beats Pill and a PS4 controller wasn’t enough, the folks at ColorWare figured they might as well give the Xbox One the Midas touch. The company has released a limited edition version of the console that has been emblazoned with a pearl metallic white finish on the body and 24K gold accents located above and below the drive panel. Included with the system is an even more gilded wireless controller, as well as all the (non-gilded) standard accessories that comes with the original packaging. Only 50 of these consoles are available, so for those who have $1,199 USD to spare.