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David Beckham hosted a party on Wednesday 28th of February to mark the launch of his new men’s grooming brand, House 99. Hosted in London’s warehouse club Electrowerkz, the evening featured performances by Loyle Carner and DJ sets from Nick Grimshaw and Josh Ludlow. Luckily I was invited as well. The vibe was great and the guests were dope!

The world of experimental hairstyles and changing looks is a well-known to Beckham. “I created House 99 to give people the inspiration as well as the right products to experiment and feel completely at home doing so,” he said.

Guests were enlivened by Carner’s performance, which included an impromptu freestyle rap dedicated to the footballer and songs from his hit album “Yesterday’s Gone.” Dressed in a black Champion hoodie, the rising star drew a crowd of exhilarated guests who rapped along to his confessional, soul-searching lyrics. Fábio Marques, the renowned barber from Lisbon’s Figaro’s barbershop who helped Beckham with the venture, was also in attendance. Figaro’s is known as a haven of male grooming and feels like an old-fashioned club with tiled floors, brick arches and animal heads on the walls.

 House 99 rolls out to retailers in 19 countries starting this week.

Why I Love London in the Winter

London is definitely for me an impeccable destination during winter time.Here’s why London should be on your winter-travel list—and how to make the most of your time while you’re there:

Embrace the Weather: I can’t tell you how many English people have told me—usually with a wink—that it’s not bad weather, just bad clothing! And it’s true. Having the right gear is essential, so be sure to pack your umbrella and rain boots. “The truth is, the weather in England is terrible year-round so coming in the winter only guarantees that there will be less people,” Lauren confided. “At least in the winter, you can feel that the cold and wet is seasonally appropriate!” Once you’re on the ground, there are countless places to escape the drear and drizzle.

Find a New Street to Love: On this trip I discovered Lamb’s Conduit, a pocket-size street tucked away in Bloomsbury and refreshingly free of chain stores. It’s small enough that you can wander in the rain without much trouble and has plenty of cafés and shops  to duck into for respite along the way. For sustenance, try family-run Vats Wine Bar and Restaurant or chic Cigala for Spanish tapas.

Luxuriate Over Lunch: When it’s cold outside, you want to indulge in long lunches. The best place I found to do that was at one of London’s most anticipated restaurant openings, Spring at Somerset House. On a particularly gray day with sheets of rain pouring down, I was happy to be cocooned in a large, airy space with white columns, globed chandeliers, and textured blue walls, dining on grilled fish and bitter chocolate mousse.

Try an Alpine-Style Hangout: Though it’s far from the Alps—or from any mountain range, for that matter—London has its own pop-up alpine-style retreats. Hugo Campbell-Davys, founder of Urbanologie, recommends dining on a high altitude-inspired barbecue menu at Le Chalet, lit with candles and twinkly lights atop Selfridges department store, or ordering “hot and toasty” après-ski cocktails at Piste in Soho.

Explore a New Museum: London’s museums are (mostly) free to visit, and many house gorgeous cafés in addition to brilliant artwork. On another afternoon, I parked myself in the sumptous mosaic-clad eatery at the Victoria and Albert. In Marylebone, I discovered what feels like a hidden gem, at least for visitors: the Wallace Collection. Though there are Rembrandts and Rubens adorning the walls, I spent the most time in a gallery filled with paintings of Venice, many centuries old and painted for British tourists who visited the city on their Grand Tour.

Go Where the Locals Go: Once again, I relied on locals advises to guide me to their favorite neighborhood spots in Notting Hill. At Walmer Castle, which looks like a classic English pub, I dug into delicious Thai food amid a boisterous local crowd. She also drew my attention to Beach Blanket Babylon, one of her favorite places to meet for post-work drinks with friends. “It lends itself to cozy conversations around their fireplace while sipping sparkling drinks and generous glasses of wine,” they said. “It’s definitely a place someone has to bring you to or you’d never know about it.”

Jacket: Hackhett London / sunglasses: Zegna / Shoes: Santoni / Pants & Turtle Neck: Massimo Dutti

Jacket: Hackhett London / sunglasses: Zegna / Shoes: Santoni / Pants & Turtle Neck: Massimo Dutti

There are a million and one reasons to love London, but here are my top 10 reasons for why you should jump on the next flight to this cooler-than-cool capital.  Seriously, what are you waiting for?

1. The world is here

London is as cosmopolitan as it is British with people from around the globe drawn to the city. Such diversity has seen London become a place of endless possibilities. See a film at a French cinema? No problem. Brunch at a Nordic bakery? Dinner at an authentic Mongolian restaurant? Take your pick. It’s not just food where London has benefited from diversity – over the years diversity has helped to drive creativity, making the capital an international leader in a variety of fields.

2. It celebrates creativity

London has been a magnet for creative spirits for centuries. From William Shakespeare to Jimi Hendrix and J.K. Rowling – the great and the good of the art world have been inspired by London. It still attracts the very best in musical, artistic and acting talent, as well as comedians and modern day literary greats. Endless works of fiction have been set and continue to be written about the streets of London with the likes of Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, and Mary Poppins all calling the city home.

3. Music is all around you

London moves to its own, distinct soundtrack. From Ed Sheeran and Adele to The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, the UK has produced countless artists who have shaped the international music scene. You can see an artist every night of the week – choose from superstars at the O2 Arena and indie rockers at the historic Brixton Academy, to up and coming bands in the bars of Camden. The city boasts a number of summer music festival with the British Summer Time festival at Hyde Park and Wireless at Finsbury Park being two of the biggest.

4. The nightlife is legendary

No two nights need ever be the same in London. Take in a spellbinding musical in the West End or watch some of Hollywood’s biggest names tread the boards at the big movie theatres at Leicester Square. Head to the hippest pop-up bars and restaurants in East London, or get a taste of London’s legendary club scene or sing your heart out at a gig featuring London’s hottest new bands or big name acts in Soho or Shoreditch.

5. The food will knock your socks off

British cuisine might be the punchline of many jokes, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what London has to offer. Swanky restaurants, delicious street food, and experimental dishes in quirky settings all contribute to London’s constantly evolving, global cuisine. That’s not to say you can’t get a traditional full English breakfast or a Sunday roast – which is not for the calorie conscious- just head to a traditional cafe or gastro pub for your taste of British cuisine.

Jacket: Hackhett London / sunglasses: Zegna / Shoes: Santoni / Pants & Turtle Neck: Massimo Dutti

Jacket: Hackhett London / sunglasses: Zegna / Shoes: Santoni / Pants & Turtle Neck: Massimo Dutti

Jacket: Hackhett London / sunglasses: Zegna / Shoes: Santoni / Pants & Turtle Neck: Massimo Dutti

Jacket: Hackhett London / sunglasses: Zegna / Shoes: Santoni / Pants & Turtle Neck: Massimo Dutti

Bluemint Essence

SS 16 brings the joy and harmony to life with the variant colors from pastel to exotic contrasting tones all at once. Stirred from real life experiences, different lifestyles, art, travel and photography; collection consist of styles that will enlighten every wardrobe with a spark of sophistication. The line is inspired by iconic animals and memorable movements of life with outstanding colour combinations. Our picks for warm-weather essentials of 2016 range from quick-dry peach fabric swim shorts, soothing linen shirts, classic polos with warm pastel colors and accessories derived from elegance. Gentlemans Diary Magazine Team loved the aesthetic and the gentleman vibe. What about you ladies and gentlemen? 

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GDM London Edition

London is one of my favorite cities in the world. The city vibes is absolutely one of a kind. My travel partner that kept me in style is this York style Daniel Wellington . Now and until 15th of january you can get your own Daniel Wellington watch with 15% off by using the code "gentlemansdiaryDW" and free worldwide shipping! Don't be late visit now and choose your own watch. 

“Antipode” Exhibition @ Ronchini Gallery

Toying with haunting visual motifs through clever photography and installation is rising Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde, who has recently unveiled a new exhibition at Ronchini Gallery in London. Smilde’s latest work is chiefly concerned with the spirit that occupies a place – either pristinely new or ravaged by age – represented by cloud-like emissions in empty spaces. The artist achieves this by meticulously adjusting the temperature and humidity in the spaces, then using fog machines to emit a small gas. Photographs, taken in the moments before the cloud dissipates, are the only real evidence that the cloud existed – which plays perfectly into the history of Smilde’s abandoned studios, factories, and offices. Enjoy this look at “Antipode” above, then head over to Ronchini Gallery before June 14 if in the London area.

sources: designboom/hypebeast

“Hello, My Name is Paul Smith” Exhibition

Celebrating 40 years of fashion excellence, the London Design Museum provides a look into the eclectic world of designer Paul Smith with its latest exhibition “Hello, My Name is Paul Smith.” From his company’s humble beginnings in Nottingham to its international prominence of today, the collaborative exhibit will explore various stages of design and production with hopes of showcasing how his techniques in traditional tailoring are retained as well as juxtaposed against a signature contemporary edge. Gentlemans Diary Magazine is so exciting for this exhibition and we cant wait to see it as soon as possible. Take a look!