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Louis Vuitton Takes Its LV 408 Trainer to the Courts

Serving as Virgil Abloh‘s first sneaker for Louis Vuitton, the LV 408 Trainer has stood out as a notable piece in the designer’s inaugural collection for the fashion house.

Looking to highlight the shoe, LV recently launched a campaign which takes the sneaker to the hardwood, investigating its unique basketball inspiration. Made in Italy, each shoe reportedly takes six hours of stitching and is made of 106 components, 20 pieces just to make the sole itself. Undeniably marked with quality, LV408 Trainer exudes an aesthetic associated with retro sportswear and informed by the luxury of LV.

Check out the campaign and head over to to pick up a pair now.

Mercedes-Benz Premieres 2020 CLA 250 Coupe


Mercedes-Benz turned heads at CES Las Vegas when it debuted the 2020 CLA 250. The second generation CLA garnered praise from critics for its trim silhouette and sleek body, buoyed by a bevy of improved technical specs.

The 2020 CLA boasts 221 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque, made possible by a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four engine. Mercedes also reports that suspension and steering improvements make the CLA the best-driving compact model produced by the German behemoth, with standard front-wheel drive, though 4Matic all-wheel is an option. Mercedes also touts its improved infotainment system, which purportedly improves upon the edition debuted in 2018’s A-class CLA; the automaker demonstrated that the system can answer more complex questions (“What child-friendly Asian restaurants are nearby that are neither Chinese nor Japanese?”) and can be activated by a simple “Hey, Mercedes.”

Visit the Mercedes-Benz site for detailed information and look for the car to debut later this year.

Meanwhile, Porsche is revving up its 2020 911 Carrera Cabriolet.

The Return Of The Reebok Classic

Love them or loathe them, the '90s favourite Reebok Classics are back on the fashion radar, with bloggers  spearheading the retro trainer renaissance. But if you remember them first time round, will you stick to time tested wisdom and leave well alone or bravely embrace the old-school look?

A mix of sporty and luxe (the combo of leather and nubuck making them an easy off-duty piece), the selection of colours brings a touch of masculinity to the chunky style. It may seem like a daring throwback, but street style stars prove you can put an adult spin on the look – just add tailored trousers and a camel coat  or a total denim outfit like me and treat them like a fun alternative to Stan Smiths or Nikes.

New Obsession

Spring is around the corner. And it was time to search for another pair of sunglasses in order to beat the sunshine. Searching for the perfect pair of sunglasses, I found the one that I fell completely in love with them. And it is a pair of YSL sunglasses. The color, the shape, the design, everything on them felt like you need them! So, I did! I bought them.

During my last trip in London for the International launch of house99 by David Beckham, they were like my best friend. I didn't even need to take with me a second pair because they suit with all my outfits.

Go check them and do not hesitate to text me if you need some extra tips. 


A suit instantly elevates your style, but a great one feels like the body armour you need to conquer the world.

The ultimate statement of luxury and style is the Italian wool suit which combines Italian style with British craftsmanship. This 100% wool fabric suit by Massimo Dutti is made in Italy with exceptional quality and impeccable finish.

The exquisite design is brought together with fine detailing, pick stitching and exclusive linings  for a classic Italian look.

I really love that suit and I really recommend it for any gentleman that really needs a classic piece that will last for years.

Go With The Flaw

 Diesel celebrates the power of imperfection with its “Go With the Flaw” fall advertising campaign. 

“Being unique is much more beautiful than being perfect,” explained Diesel artistic director Nicola Formichetti. “Change the way you look at things so even the bad becomes positive, overcoming obstacles and fears. You’ll have the best life possible.”

So I decided to go with the flaw as well with the following photoshoot. I wore an IM PERFECT t-shirt even if I am not. I embraced it and I felt really happy.


The Rockstar. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, he started his musical career while still attending Brentwood High School; the front man and primary songwriter of a band which would later become the award-winning, chart-topping legends: Maroon 5.

The Entertainer. Frequently lighting up our screens, he is a coach on the three-time Emmy Award winning NBC hit series, The Voice, and has also appeared in Family Guy; 30 Rock and American Horror Story. Charismatic, endearing and enthusiastic, he’s the guy you’d want as your brother, your wing-man, who looks like he’d be fun to hang out with, because guess what, he is.

The Style Setter. Unapologetically real, always true to himself, his authentic All-American rockstar style is unaffected by trends but always on-point. Unafraid to try something new, whether it’s bleached blonde hair with dark roots or jet black all-over, and with tattoos pretty much everywhere, his natural good looks convey an attitude that’s cool yet uncontrived.
YSL Beauty is proud to welcome on board the supremely talented recording artist, actor, and presenter Adam Levine. A multifaceted modern man, he is the embodiment of Y, the latest masculine fragrance launch by YSL.

Adam will enrich the universe of Y, inspiring others with his sense of accomplishment, and bringing his considerable creativity, infectious sense of humour and catchy personality to a wide audience in the USA and around the world. With his own Instagram fan-base of over 10 million followers, Adam will engage a stylish, music-loving audience, his popular appeal ensuring a wide-reaching public and social presence. A perfect pairing for Y’s innovative spirit & creative style, the fragrance is rooted in that same sense of freedom that Adam personifies.

“I’m psyched to be collaborating with YSL Beauty, a brand which has always appealed to me for its standout style and groundbreaking imagery. As a musician, I relate to the raw passion and strong sense of individuality of YSL; and being a part of the story of Y is exciting to me - it is not the story of one man, but of a whole creative generation. I’m excited to develop our relationship and see where it will lead.” Adam Levine

“Adam Levine is the perfect fir for the brand and what our new fragrance Y represents. A star of the music world, a familiar face on our screens, a true talent, he brings a new dimension to YSL Beauty.” - Alexandre Choueiri, President, International Designer Collections, L’Oréal USA

Parisian Vibes

Paris may be the city of love and one of the most romantic places in the world but today I’ve been having a little romance with the city itself. It turns out I LOVE Paris.

I spent the day wandering among some of the main attractions, stopping for café lattes and macaroons, shopping in the boutique stores and generally loving every corner of this gorgeous city.

My first night in Paris, I slept with my curtains open so once again woke up to that incredible view. Waking up to a pinky sky and the Eiffel Tower was an absolute dream come true and I had to tear myself away to go for breakfast. After a breakfast of croissants and fresh fruit I took the short walk to the Eiffel Tower. I wandered around taking photos while doing my very best to avoid all the scammers and touts. I decided not to go up the tower because the queue was so long and I had so much I wanted to see. I headed to the Palais de Tokyo for a quick look around on my way to the Musee Galliera. This is also known as the Musee de la Mode, or the fashion museum. Of course, I went inside and loved it. My first day in Paris was just amazing. 

How to transition your wardrobe from Summer to Autumn!

It is that time of year when once again we all have to put our summer garments to the side and make way for something warmer.  For some of us this may be a sigh of relief knowing that hot sultry days are truly over – for the time being at least. For the style buffs among us there’s no time like the season changeover; this period instantly reminds us of new garments, different colours and a range of exciting and fresh combinations to exhibit amongst our respective entourage.

The Transitional Season

Trending with something new is key in order to revive our outfits with new vigour, and the Gagliardi seasonal theme serves as an excellent inspirational backdrop against which to set personal preferences and step out boldly to face the Autumn with confidence.

Step 1: Change your colour tones

This season’s blues come in different shades from the lightest to the darkest and serve well as a base colour from which to start building an outfit. The greys come well matched with burgundy, navy or brown.  Traditional autumnal browns are encapsulated between checks, stripes and paisley prints.

Step 2: Opt for Warmer Accessories

Dazzle up your evenings in pre-winter style; add the first tie or bow-tie of the season to the shirt collar, selecting colours that speak of falling leaves, muted sunsets, and casual elegance. Think of the typical Tuscan country gentleman and embellish each outfit accordingly as any truly Gagliardi gentleman would.Try incorporating this by making a shirt and tie replacement during weekdays, pairing these with twill chinos and a rain coat. Then opt for a puffer jacket or chunky shawl neck cardigan at the weekend.

Step 3: Layer Up

Proceed to include waistcoats; these are a smart and are easily exchangeable with different shirts and trousers. While an embellished wrap-around scarf could be enough for those slightly colder mornings, the waistcoat can become an indispensable part of the layering process. This allows for shedding off layers as the day proceeds and adding them back on for the evening out. Remember that even the most casual of outfits will look smarter and unique with the inclusion of a well-fitted waistcoat.

The Lamborghini Huracán Gets a Track-Ready Body Upgrade and High-Tech Tune

Through the addition of a carbon aerodynamic-enhancement kit, high-tech forged wheels and a twin-supercharger V-10 engine, customisation specialist Novitec Torado has given the Lamborghini Huracán RWD Coupe a punchy new makeover. Already responsible for a number of high-performance updates to the Huracán, the German-based company has added lightweight carbon components that have been wind-tunnel tested, a twin-supercharger conversion that bumps peak power to 611kW/830hp and high-performance exhaust systems, while a competition interior with carbon racing seats and rollover cage are also available for track use. With tweaked bodywork and addition of a spoiler, this customisation has resulted in a leaner, race-ready appearance to what many already believe to be one of Lamborghini’s sportiest models. For more information visit the Novitec Torado site.



Ferrari Debuts Its First Four-Seater With a V8 Engine, the GTC4Lusso T

At the upcoming Paris Motor Show, Italian car manufacturer Ferrari is set to unveil the GTC4Lusso T — its latest grand tourer. This vehicle will be the first four-seat Ferrari that features a turbocharged V8 engine, making it an ideal sporty daily car. Featuring a twin-turbocharged 3.9 liter V8, the car is capable of 600 horsepower and 560 pound-feet torque. Additionally, the latest iteration abandons the all-wheel-drive of its predecessor, instead opting for a Slip Slide Control four-wheel steering rear-wheel-drive setup. The GTC4Lusso T will be marketed as an complementary vehicle, rather than a replacement with its comfort and performance-focused design. Head over to Ferrari for more information.

Lamborghini, Mustang and Audi Themed Xbox Consoles Created For Forza Horizon 3

To celebrate the release of Forza Horizon 3 Xbox has released three car themed custom consoles. The region specific release sees France receive a retro Ford Mustang console, Germany a Audi R8 and Australia a Lamborghini design. The different regions also have specific methods of getting your hands on them. In France, you can possibly win by commenting and liking on their Twitter,Facebook and Instagram. In Germany, you have to enter a competition viaFacebook (you must be a German resident to enter). And, in Australia, you can enter the contest if you buy Forza 3 from the Microsoft store. If you’ve already purchased it, then you can still enter by sending Xbox Australia a private message on Facebook.