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How To Match Different Patterns?
Total look: Pepe Jeans London / Sunglasses: Gucci / Shoes: YSL

Total look: Pepe Jeans London / Sunglasses: Gucci / Shoes: YSL

There are two types of pattern-heavy outfits:

The one that turns heads…

…because it's impeccable.

And the one that does the same…

…because it's atrocious!

If you can pull off patterned outfits successfully, the return can be big. Among other things, it can up your chances of catching a woman's eye in a crowd of men. But it requires a bit of courage and a fair amount of know-how. Fortunately, there are time-honored and simple rules for pairing patterns so they'll look great, and today we're going to be teaching you all of them.

#1. Keep Colors Muted

Go with colors that you already love and have in your wardrobe. I'm partial to blues like navy, indigo, cobalt, and admiral blue, plus greens like pine and juniper and browns like chocolate, cinnamon, and gingerbread. Yes, these are all real names of colors that I wear. For accent colors, I like to bring in whites, reds, perhaps a bit of orange.

Stick with colors that you know are going to work for you so you can focus on the pattern.If you're going to try out a super bold pattern that you've never worn before, don't bring in a color you're not sure about. Otherwise you'll

#2. Bring In Patterns Gradually

Base items like jackets, trousers, and shirts cost a lot more than small accessories like neckwear and pocket squares. So start with patterned accessories. They're items that you can switch out easily. Since they're less expensive, you can afford to experiment and make mistakes with them.

The next place to bring in patterns is in your shirts. A patterned shirt that doesn't work for you is a far cheaper mistake than a patterned suit that you realize, too late, you can only wear once a month. Patterned items like suits, trousers, and even shirts have to rotate through your wardrobe. You can't wear them again and again. This is why solids should form the basis of your wardrobe.

Total look: Pepe Jeans London / Sunglasses: Gucci / Shoes: YSL

Total look: Pepe Jeans London / Sunglasses: Gucci / Shoes: YSL

3. Complement, Don't Match

When two pieces match exactly- same pattern, same color – it looks boring and amateurish. Try to complement your outfit instead.

If you want to level up your style, look for colors that work well with other colors in your outfit. That's why I like colorful accessories: they allow you to choose from many different colors when putting together an outfit.