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Meet Monemvasia, A Hidden ‘Fortress Town’

Discovering a secret town? Well that’s one way to get off the beaten path.

We’ve seen a few hidden towns in our day (mostly in America), but never one quite as beautiful as the town of Monemvasia, Greece.Perched on an island off the east coast of the Peloponnese, Monemvasia’s name means “single entrance” in Greek.

The “hidden” spot boasts a massive Byzantine fortress (hence the nickname “fortress town”), but one thing is definitely in plain sight — the huge selection of nearby beaches, open to tourists and locals alike.Poet Yiannis Ritsos once called Monemvasia “a ship of stone,” and those who have visited rave about “rugged, salt-of-the earth beauty” that provides “a refreshing escape” from the real world.

If you need to unplug, hide out on the island and spend your days looking for traces of Byzantine, Frankish, Venetian and Ottoman influences in town, which mean there’s impressive architecture and history nearly everywhere you turn.Though if you’re in for a bit of adventure, the best attraction on the island is the Kastania Cave.

Described as a must-see attraction by tourists, the cave took millions of years to form and is packed full of rare geological wonders. And right next door, you’ll find a cafe and a church that was once visited by pirates. Sign us up!Experts say Greece is great in the winter, meaning now is a perfect time to go. Escape crowds, indulge in the delicious Mediterranean cuisine, and explore the ancient history of Monemvasia.

You can reach Monemvasia by cruise or bus, and a ferry is available during the summer months. We’ll see you there!

Endless Blue

It’s the perfect time to write about summer, as I’m no longer afraid that I’d jinx it. It’s been great so far, and to top it all, we’re in the midst of a heat wave with scorching temperatures during the day. This is the thing about summer: it comes with sun-kissed promises and blue whispers for days filled with bright skies, adventures, and sunset dreaming. It’s a strange thing, this feeling of nostalgia, even though it’s still summer, so here are a few reasons why I love it so much.

The Warm Weather

The days are long, the evenings warm, the nights balmy, and even the city breeze carries the smell of the sea (I know, some may call this wishful thinking). But it’s a great feeling, waking up early and realising that the sun is already up, even though it's six in the morning. And when the sun’s out, I feel energised, and I can't wait to sit outside with my first cup of coffee and plan my day.

The Sense of Joy

I grew up in a country where the summers were long and hot and, admittedly, I took that for granted. But I love the Greek summer and I quickly learnt to appreciate the trepidation, the anticipation, and the pure jubilation that accompany each day of sunshine. 

The Holidays

It's time for holidays, abroad or at home. It’s time to rent a villa on the beach, a city apartment, or a hotel room with a sea, lake or mountain view. It’s time to explore, to experience, to live, and to fall in and out of love. It’s time to make some memories. It’s time to go hiking, fishing, camping, or to cook a BBQ, sit by a campfire, collect seashells, go on a boat ride, or just lie on the beach. It’s also time to lounge in a hammock, on a deck chair, on the grass, on a balcony, or on a porch (oh, how I’d love to have one of those). Because in the summer having a lazy day and doing absolutely nothing is more than okay.

The Food, the Drinks, the Ice-cream

It’s easy to be healthy during the summer and eating a salad or drinking a fruit smoothie doesn’t make me feel miserable. I also discovered frozen yoghurt, loaded with mouthwatering toppings. My favourite topping at the moment is the roasted coconut flakes. And drinking the finest vodka is a must. So, cheers to an extraordinary summer with the delicate Grey Goose Le Grand Fizz. 

Tinos Photodiary
Hat: Panama Hat / Shirt: US Polo / Jackets: Brooks Brothers / Pants: Cos / Tie: Massimo Dutti

Hat: Panama Hat / Shirt: US Polo / Jackets: Brooks Brothers / Pants: Cos / Tie: Massimo Dutti

Located in the northern side of the Cyclades, Tinos island is ideal for relaxing family holidays. The beaches are calm and sandy, surrounded by many tourist facilities and accommodation. The most traditional villages are located in the inland and they are famous for the picturesque architecture. Pyrgos is the most characteristic village of Tinos Greece, with a long tradition in marble carving. Apart from a calm holiday place, the island is special for the Greeks as it hosts the Church of Panagia (Virgin), considered the protector of the country, with a miraculous icon inside. This church receives thousands of pilgrims all year round, particularly on the 15th of August, on the occasion of the Dormition of the Virgin.

Hat: Paname Hat / Sunglasses: YSL / Shoes: Santoni Shoes / T-shirt & Pants : Cos

Hat: Paname Hat / Sunglasses: YSL / Shoes: Santoni Shoes / T-shirt & Pants : Cos

The island is located next to Mykonos, Syros and Delos, ideal if you want to visit other islands too. Tinos experiences a Mediterranean climate and has warm and dry summers and mild and wet winters. In the island you come across the etesians (also known as meltemi winds) the strong, dry north winds of the Aegean Sea, which blow from about mid-May to mid-September. They are at their strongest in the afternoon and often die down at night, but sometimes meltemi winds last for days without a break. Meltemi winds are dangerous to sailors because they come up in clear weather without warning and can blow at 7-8 Beaufort.

Hat: Panama Hat / Jacket: Le Studio Blue / Swimwear: Bluemint

Hat: Panama Hat / Jacket: Le Studio Blue / Swimwear: Bluemint