Clifton 2A by SAOTA

Located atop a cliff in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa, the designers at SAOTA crafted this contemporary family residence overlooking a breathtaking coastline. To create a spacious living room, the architects elevated the main level consisting of the guest room, gym, study and garage. The ground floor is set partially into the steep site, maximizing the living space and isolating it from the noisy provincial roads. The first and second floors are set back and rotated to create a protective aesthetic over the external terrace. The whole residence is positioned below the Lions Head, with a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean, Camps Bay and the Twelve Apostles beyond.


Tavaru Restaurant & Bar Is a New Level of Resort Luxury in the Maldives

Boasting the largest wine collection in the Maldives, the ivory-white Tavaru tower includes a restaurant with a Michelin-starred chef, Champagne lounge and more. A look inside the structure shows an impressive cylindrical cellar and maze-like staircases connecting the different floors. The owner of the island, Jiri Smejc, teamed up with Prague-based architect Petr Kolar to build this exclusive vacation resort, where a night stay can run anywhere from $1,500 to $30,000 USD. Thus, it’s no surprise that the resort doesn’t skimp when it comes to wining and dining its guests. 


Maison Margiela Opens Its First Rome Boutique

Maison Margiela makes landfall in Rome with the opening of its first retail space in the Eternal City. Situated on Via del Babuino between Piazza del Popolo and Piazza di Spagna, the boutique spans 295 square meters and is based on a mirror effect, being outfitted with reflective surfaces to create vanishing volumes and perspectives. The remaining walls are plastered with shots of the Haussmann interiors of Parisian apartment buildings, while the rest of the interior is finished with white marble, oak and chrome steel. The two floors of the boutique are divided between menswear and womenswear, alongside sections for accessories, design objects, and two suites dedicated to footwear.

Maison Margiela Rome
Via del Babuino 49,
Rome 00187, Italy

Kloof Road House by Nico Van Der Meulen

South African design firm Nico Van Der Meulen completed a project located on a lush corner of a nature reserve in Johannesburg. Named “Kloof Road House,” the structure was designed with the aim of creating a family-oriented environment, integrating both the indoors and outdoors. Maximizing views to the north, the house has floor to ceiling windows and doors that open up to the outside in every room. Steel, glass and concrete comprise of most of the structure, while black morphed cladding wraps provide a stunning structure in the exterior, translating to its interior aesthetic as well.

Apple's Own Jony Ive Helps Design New Brussels Store Interior

Apple’s own Jony Ive has lent a helping hand in the design of the company’s newest store, located in Brussels. The store’s guts consist of timber surfaces, natural finishes, and eight trees to complete the open-plan space. Being the chief design officer, it’s expected that the interior of Apple’s first Belgian store would be top notch. With assistance from co-designer Angela Ahrendts, the Brussels location will be open to the public on September 19.


Tokyo's Hotel Okura to Be Redesigned by Original Architect's Son

The iconic and historic Okura Hotel, originally opened for Tokyo’s hosting of the 1964 Olympic games is to be demolished this week. It is to be re-designed and remodeled by Yoshio Taniguchi, the son of original lead architect Yoshiro Taniguchi and a successful designer in his own right. Check out the renderings above for an insight into the clean, minimalist approach that Taniguchi, Jr. will bring to this massive project and details of his father’s original hotel.


Glass-Bottomed Swimming Pool Bridges Two Buildings

The Embassy Gardens near the River Thames in London will be getting a stunning addition to bridge its two buildings. Developed by Ballymore, the structure will have a swimming pool on its top floor, with a glass bottom residing 10 stories high. Aptly dubbed the “SkyPool,” it will be 90 feet long, 19 feet wide and nearly 10 feet deep. Its transparent bottom will be an 8-inch-thick glass. This establishment launches this September.

House Dornbirn by k_m architektur

Offering some of the most stunning views of the Rhine Valley, Lake Constance and the mountains of Varalberg imaginable is k_m architektur’s House Dornbirn. Constructed of locally-sourced timber, concrete, copper and glass, the beautiful family home — completed over the previous two years — sports a floating and cantilevered design that sees its roof canopy providing ample shade to the balcony beneath it while also protecting the home from the relentless summer sun. Furthermore, thanks to the predominance of the home’s timber, the meadow-set design naturally blends in with the surrounding environment and will age with time to merge with the surrounding trees even better yet. Inside, private and communal areas are clearly delineated with bedrooms and the like located on a top floor that opens up to a terrace — which encircles the entirety of the level — that offers expansive views of the landscape. Best of all, sustainable considerations — in addition to the local materials — include the likes of a solar-heated water system and geothermal heating.


Casa Brutale Cliffside Concept by OPA

Billed as “a geometrical translation of the landscape” and “an uncladded statement on the simplicity and harmony of contemporary architecture,” OPA presents the ambitious Casa Brutale. Intended as an inverted nod to the infamous Casa Malaparte on the eastern side of the Italian island of Capri, the innovative wood, glass, and concrete design converges with the surrounding earth to offer stunning views of the Aegean from its cliff side setting. Marked by a crystalline glazed-bottom swimming pool on the rooftop as a poetic continuation of the vast blue skies and nearby sea — a design element that also exists to offer abundant natural light to dynamically illuminate the interior of the residence below — the conceptual home employs a massive monolithic glass facade to frame the beauty of the ocean views. As for the residence itself, 50 steps lead down to the entrance — an enormous rotating door of aged wood — while the bare concrete and wooden planks of the interior serve as a raw and unpretentious nod to the minimalism of the brutalist movement.


Alps Villa by Camillo Botticini Architetto

Planted in the middle of two major valleys in Northern Italy, the latest work by Camillo Botticini – the Alps Villa – offers stunning views of either side of the wondrous landscape. The residential edifice is preceded by a small angular staircase, which leads to a pathway that casts a crescendo for the home itself. At the facade, the home is built with angled panels of oxidized copper and accoya wood, which are constructed in a C-shape to conceal the three stories embedded within. At the interior, the home is kept rather minimal, lined with resin floors and a running glass motif to preserve the clean, streamlined aesthetic. Enjoy the photos above and head to Botticini’s website to peruse his other work.


A Lake House By NE-AR

Frankfurt-based architectural practice NE-AR is responsible for this stunning structure in Argentina, which is based entirely around a column that is a centerpiece in its own right. Located on the shores of a lake in the Patagonia region in the southern Rio Negro province, the One Column House was the result of an extensive redesign of what was a dark and badly-designed holiday home. The structure itself is an extension detached from the main house, functioning as a patio that offers easier access and better views of the lake. The simple, reinforced concrete structure houses a dining area, open kitchen and lounge area, with the column composed of two flat, sweeping elements that converge around a fireplace and seamlessly meld the ceiling and floor together. Finally, a wide wooden terrace on the lakeside of the structure provides even more space to take in the natural scenery.


PROD Architecture latest project

Taking the traditional, archetypal silhouette of the gabled house, PROD Architecture & Design has disrupted the enclosed form of the shape by combining four of them into one expansive and continuous shape. The result is a beautifully stark and airy holiday home for a family of four in the north of Portugal. Joined by an interstitial space in the middle, the three-storey complex features a garage, wine cellar and laundry room at basement level, the kitchen, dining room and sleeping quarters at ground level, and a quiet study at mezzanine level. Patinated pine boards provide a warm counterweight to the granite structures, while the floor-to-ceiling glazed windows can be fully retracted to remove the boundary between interior and exterior.

Converse's New Headquarters in Boston

Converse has just constructed a beautiful, retro-exterior-modern-interior headquarters in Boston. The new 214,000 square foot building features a recording studio, state-of-the-art gym and a flagship retail store on the ground floor. The open-space plan of the offices encourages a free exchange of thoughts and ideas by eliminating cubicles entirely. This concept is further catalyzed by “The Union” which is a communal space on the 2nd floor that is fitted out with lounge chairs and couches and an employee coffee shop. If you’re in the Boston area, be sure to check it out.

Source: Hypebeast/Bostinno 

UK Pavilion Presents a Giant Aluminum Beehive

The United Kingdom presents a giant aluminum beehive as part of its contribution to the universal exposition in Milan, Italy. Designed by Nottingham-based artist Wolfgang Buttress and constructed by Stage One, the massive, eye-catching aluminum beehive features a cuboid lattice layout as audio-visual devices embedded within the hive allow it to pulse, glow and buzz similar to a real beehive. LED lights affixed onto the metal coils allow it to illuminate at night as the hypnotizing columns produce an abstract, yet distinct aesthetic.

Saint Laurent Reopens Its Faubourg Saint-Honoré Flagship

The Saint Laurent flagship store in Paris recently underwent a significant renovation, representing a bit of a departure from the minimalist design aesthetic of most of its other retail spaces. The opulent space features the same black and white marble palette and chrome finishings seen throughout most of its stores, with added details in the form of Art Deco finishings and a collection of African masks. The space also acts as a design museum of sorts, with items from the permanent collection and accessories showcased throughout the space, along with furnishings by Jacques Adnet, Théo Ruth, André Sornay and Jacques-Émile Ruhlmann by Alfred Porteneuve. The store is located at 38 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, and would be worth a visit if you are in the Paris area.


First European Bentley Suite, Located In Istanbul

St. Regis Hotels & Resorts has collaborated with Bentley to unveil the first European Bentley Suite located in Istanbul, Turkey following a successful inaugural Bentley Suite at the New York chapter. Inspired by the Continental GT range, the lush suite uses curvaceous silhouettes taken from Bentley’s signature design cues. All the aesthetics, from the expansive balcony overlooking Maçka Park – which also includes a breathtaking view of Istanbul and the Bosphorus strait — to the mirrored ceilings, marble floor inset, and veneer curved walls, were created with different parts of the luxury vehicle in mind. An epitome of opulent hospitality, the suite also features a handful of bespoke detailing, including a premium Bentley leather sofa, Bentley diamond upholstery in the champagne cooler, a special humidor, and custom carpeting throughout. 


Villa Além in Alentejo, Portugal by Valerio Olgiati

Although nested a short drive from the Portuguese shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the Villa Além in Alentejo feels worlds removed from any body of water. There’s a certain dry charm about the home, which was designed by local architect Valerio Olgiati, and Olgati concedes that this idea of displacement was key in the blueprints. The home is meant to create a secluded garden, best evidenced by the five-meter concrete walls that surround the property. Almost of the Brutalist vein in terms of layout, the single-floor home features a canal-like pool, situated at the center of the rectangular plot. Juxtaposing open, airy spaces with an overarching enclosed aesthetic, check out the Villa Além above, then head here to check out more of Olgiati’s work.

Carla Ridge Residence by McClean Design

Located along the prestigious Trousdale Ridgeline, the Carla Ridge Residence is a sprawling 24,424-square-foot contemporary home with spectacular views of Beverley Hills and all the way to the Pacific Ocean. The luxurious two-story residence has all the amenities you could ask for, include a two-story waterfall, interior courtyard, 12-seat screening room, billiard room, cigar lounge, gym, and a steam room. The upper level features 12-ft ceilings with glazing on all four sides letting the light permeate into the spacious living and dining interior, and also plays host to the master suite that equipped with a lavish master bathroom. Marble floors extend out to the terrace with an infinity pool and spa area, while the outdoor kitchen is outfitted with a stainless steel grill and dining table. The lower level features additional guest suites and the wide array of facilities, which are all centered around the striking interior courtyard. 

Montee Karp Residence by Patrick Tighe Architecture

Patrick Tighe Architecture was challenged with renovating a post-beam home latched on the side of a steep mountain, but the end result is an airy, light-filled residence that epitomizes Californian living. The Malibu home faces stunning views of Santa Monica Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The home was renovated and updated for modern times, with sharp lines and edges reflecting the mountainous range. Beautiful pieces of art are displayed throughout the home, with various fixtures and lighting customized to enhance the viewing experience in this gallery-like home.


The Hadaway House by Patkau Architects

When Patkau Architects began building the Hadaway House in Whistler, BC, they were challenged by the town’s incredibly strict building guidelines, which restricted everything from height to exterior materials. But not content with building just another cookie-cutter home, founder John Patkau worked within the system to create a truly one-of-a-kind house – one he describes as “a spaceship in the middle of log cabins.” The description is entirely befitting of the Hadaway House, whose unique design makes it look as if its from the future. Almost none of the corners in the structure meet at a traditional right angle, giving the house a very surreal, otherworldly vibe. Patkau himself states there is no coherent structural system to the building; rather the complex polygonal shape of the house was designed to maximize spatial efficiency, while also solving the home’s environmental challenges. For example, the dramatic slope of the roof ensures Whistler’s legendary snowfall stays off the house and away from pedestrians, while the combination of concrete, steel, and heavy timber used for the exterior help to regulate heat and provide additional support from seismic activity in the region. It’s the kind of house that could easily double as a snowy lair for a Bond villain, a house whose ultra modern flair brings it a lot closer to looking like an interstellar spaceship than your typical Whistler cabin.

source: ARCHDAILY/ Hypebeast