What To Wear On A Night Out


It’s finally time to get away from your desk and enjoy a night out. No need to wear a three-piece suit, but being appropriately dressed, comfortable and stylish is ideal for any occasion, whether it’s smart or not. With so many styles and personal preferences there’s no set rule on what to wear on a night out. However, what do you wear to a club?

Choose a classic black suit! For the shirt, make sure it’s slim fit, long enough in the sleeves (no short sleeved shirts), and buttoned up to your collar bone. The trousers also need to be slim fit, as anything too loose is immediately going to look too relaxed and possibly messy. As for shoes, keep to neat lace-ups like oxford shoes and brogues. However, if that just isn’t for you, you can also try a very neat pair of suede chukka boots to keep things classy but comfortable.

Pair it up with your sleek and stylish watch! As you already know I am always wearing the Rado HyperChrome Automatic Chronograph, which I love!