GREY GOOSE Vodka and Parisian fashion label Maison LaBiche have collaborated to create this year’s limited-edition GREY GOOSE Riviera bottle, and reveal a hand-designed capsule collection comprised of fashion and travel items, designed as an invitation for people to ‘Live Victoriously’ this summer.

I Love Horses
Total Outfit: Antony Morato

Total Outfit: Antony Morato

I find horses graceful, glorious creatures. There are so many things that are perfect about them; the way they are put together, the way they move, their fluid bodies and shining coats, the way they smell, their velvet noses and ticklish ears.

I find every one of them fascinating, different. Some horses are just simply magnificent. They are beautifully bred, handsome creatures with lots of attitude and character.

Why We Are Happier During Summer
Total outfit: Pepe Jeans London

Total outfit: Pepe Jeans London

There's something about waking up to sunshine, birds chirping, and warm air that puts many of us in a better mood. But why do we notice such a shift in our feelings and emotions when the seasons change? It turns out that there actually are scientific reasons you're happier in the summer; the warm weather and your sunny mood are no coincidence. It's rather common to feel more satisfied during the hotter, brighter months, and when this season gives way to the longer, darker days of winter (depending on where you live, of course), we'll once again experience a shift.

So what is it about summer that puts us so at peace? Why are we so much happier this time of year? Here's what we know:

1. Our Sleeping Habits Change Due To Light Exposure

The number of hours of daytime and nighttime have been found to have an effect on how and when we sleep. One study compared Norway (a country with large seasonal variation) to Ghana (a country with little seasonal variation).

2. Our Eating Habits Change In The Summer, Too

There are a couple of possible explanations for this one. One of the more simple reasons is that with the holidays of the winter seasons, certain types of foods are more abundant and frequent. But it goes deeper than that: It could actually come down to biology — our bodies' primitive instinct is to stockpile and store up for the winter months ahead. One study found that both our eating habits and our body weight change by season, with people consuming on average 86 more calories each day in the fall, compared to spring. Fall also brought more fatty foods than spring. None of this is to say that the foods we eat in the winter are "worse" than the foods we eat in the summer, by the way; they're just different, and they affect us in different ways.

3. Sunshine Can Be Great For Our Bodies

It goes without saying that there are very real, very scary risks associated with sun exposure, and that protecting yourself from harmful UV rays is tantamount. But sunlight is also quite vital to our health and happiness, and when you use it correctly, the benefits are significant. For instance, when you get sunlight, your body produces vitamin D from cholesterol, which helps your body absorb calcium. This is important for our bone health.

Total outfit: Pepe Jeans London

Total outfit: Pepe Jeans London

The Power of Red

Red: it signifies power, boldness, and confidence. Whether you’re choosing lipstick or attire, don’t grab a the daring hue unless you’re feeling adventurous and want to make a statement. The color Red (it deserves to be capitalized) represents all things emphatic – stop signs, fire trucks and the #1 used emoji of all time: the red heart . You know me, I gotta go deeper than just making it all about what I have on…outfit details alone are boring, right?  Let’s dive into the psychology behind it. Red is a powerful color, so use its energy to communicate the emotion. It will be seen and heard; make no mistake! The color is completely contradictory and extreme, so it’s associated with superhero powers, danger, fury, or extreme love and passion.

How To Style Casual The Checked Blazer

Check blazers are everywhere this season. The season’s runways were awash with fashionable check patterns of all iterations. But that’s not why we’re telling you to embrace pattern in your wardrobe. For all its timelessness, a check blazer is a point of difference, a break from the norm and could be just what you need to spice up both your formal and casual dress.

If it’s your first foray into the pattern, then start with a casual take on the check blazer and keep it simple. By its very nature, checks carry an air of formality, especially if they’re weaved in contrasting colours. Today, the check translates perfectly to a more urban casual look. 

The Canali versions of checked blazers are perfect, worn with white jeans, a plain T-Shirt and casual loafers.The plain neutrality of the look will ensure a casual take throughout. And for those who don’t know Canali, Canali has been the paradigm of tailor-made Italian luxury and men’s elegance for more than 80 years. Since 1934, it has been promoting the values of Made in Italy excellence through its artisanal know-how, creating sartorial masterpieces of exceptional wearability and comfort in a perfect balance of elements that blends culture and history with style and taste. 

So guys go and check the treasures that Canali offers simply by visiting and invest in a classic checked blazer that will last forever! To shop editor’s favourite pieces just click on the pictures below. 

Minimalistic Look
Antony Morato via

Antony Morato via

A white men's shirt is the staple item you can never own enough of. A key piece for your wardrobe! For a spring look, you can go a little simpler with your outfit, making sure not to neglect the accessories that can help pull everything together. Grab a pair of pants, either tailored cotton or slim fit. Finish off with some white plimsolls and some light-weight sunglasses to achieve a spring vibe to your classic, put together look. I chose mine from Antony Morato.

My New Etro Peisley Run Shoes
Suit: Armani / Shoes: Etro Paisley Run

Suit: Armani / Shoes: Etro Paisley Run

A few weeks ago and very unexpected I received a package in my house by Etro! I opened it and I couldn’t believe that inside the package was the pair of shoes that I have been obsessed with since they released them! The Paisley Run shoe! Designed as a common project between men’s and women’s collections, the Paisley Run sneakers are inspired by hiking shoes and made from jacquard fabric with a Paisley motif from the brand’s archives. I felt in love with them from the day I saw them and I can not stop wearing them! You can find them here.

2019-04-12 13:14:04.832.JPG
Art Is A Form Of Expression
Black Pants: Versace / Black Tshirt: Massimo Dutti / Black Jacket: Armani

Black Pants: Versace / Black Tshirt: Massimo Dutti / Black Jacket: Armani

Art is an expression made visible by a form. The expression contained in the form is an attempt to translate the unnamed and the unknown. Intrinsic to our existence as humans is our quest to create meaning, and art allows that process to take place. Making meaning involves understanding our surroundings and marking our experiences. Art, at its root, is an expression and the artist is an expresser, translating in order to create meaning. Art expresses and translates, art acknowledges and reveals, art transfers and art intervenes. Art is an expression—an expression of feeling, belief, and character. The simplicity of that sentence is rather deceptive and seems tidier than its implications. Just the statement that art is an expression is complex and raises questions: What does art express? Why does art express? How does art express?

Black Pants: Versace / Black Tshirt: Massimo Dutti

Black Pants: Versace / Black Tshirt: Massimo Dutti

sunglasses: Saint Laurent ( Deluxe Hellas )

sunglasses: Saint Laurent ( Deluxe Hellas )

Louis Vuitton Takes Its LV 408 Trainer to the Courts

Serving as Virgil Abloh‘s first sneaker for Louis Vuitton, the LV 408 Trainer has stood out as a notable piece in the designer’s inaugural collection for the fashion house.

Looking to highlight the shoe, LV recently launched a campaign which takes the sneaker to the hardwood, investigating its unique basketball inspiration. Made in Italy, each shoe reportedly takes six hours of stitching and is made of 106 components, 20 pieces just to make the sole itself. Undeniably marked with quality, LV408 Trainer exudes an aesthetic associated with retro sportswear and informed by the luxury of LV.

Check out the campaign and head over to to pick up a pair now.

How To Wear A Flannel Shirt
Total  Outfit: Tom Tailor

Total Outfit: Tom Tailor

Nothing says cool and casual quite like a flannel shirt. While the garment may be simple, it’s also a wardrobe staple that every man should own. Although the name may induce thoughts of the country, it’s time to think again. Flannel has made a comeback and is now regularly spotted on the streets around the globe. lannel shirts are typically offered in check prints, but they’re also available in plain varieties. Whether you choose a plain or check style will affect how and when your wear it. Most the time, check styles of flannel shirts will have a more casual and relaxed feel, while plain versions will create a sharper, more polished appearance. As such, you should choose which to wear based on the look you’re trying to achieve. If you do pick a check flannel, be careful to balance your outfit accordingly. As the print can tend to be quite bold, it’s usually best to keep the rest of your outfit minimal and neutral.

Total Outfit: Tom Tailor

Total Outfit: Tom Tailor

Total Outfit: Tom Tailor

Total Outfit: Tom Tailor

Total Outfit by: Pepe Jeans London

Total Outfit by: Pepe Jeans London

When you hear the word “sweater,” what do you first visualise? A grey, greenish, navy or brown-hued, chunky knit combination - slightly baggy and oversized - automatically surfaces somewhere in your mind. Symbolically, it is warmth for a chilly day condensed down into a single garment that’s cut perfectly for wearing over a button-down shirt or roll-neck. The statement knit, a trend that caught our eye roughly a year ago, obliterates all that. Forget about cable knits; the finer the gauge, the better. With texture taking a back seat, it opens up the gates for colours, patterns, prints and graphics: If you can see it on a tee, bomber, or ski jacket, it’s now on a sweater, too.

Total Outfit by: Pepe Jeans London

Total Outfit by: Pepe Jeans London

Total Outfit by: Pepe Jeans London / shoes: Etro / Sunglasses: Gucci

Total Outfit by: Pepe Jeans London / shoes: Etro / Sunglasses: Gucci

Tom Tailor Vibes
Total Look: Tom Tailor

Total Look: Tom Tailor

Blue, in general, is typically associated with elements such as the sky and ocean. But beyond that it’s a color that symbolises loyalty and strength. It is a calming color and one people might turn to if trying to relax.

When it comes to cobalt blue, which dates back to the 8th and 9th centuries, it is a darker shade of blue and one that started out being used often in Chinese porcelain.

And in terms of cobalt blue in fashion, it’s an incredibly fun, yet elegant, bold color to wear in the warm and cool months and great with all skin tones.

I love blue thats why I chose this total blue Tom Tailor looks which compliment my skin tone so much. A classic blue shirt with a classic blue pant is the perfect combo to look always effortless stylish.

Total Look: Tom Tailor

Total Look: Tom Tailor

How to wear a cardigan without looking dated.
Total Look: Antony Morato

Total Look: Antony Morato

A cardigan is a great fashion item to own due to its versatility and ability to suit a wide variety of looks. Whether you’re going for an elegant and formal outfit, a cool and casual style or even something office-appropriate, a cardigan can make an excellent option. All you need to know is how to rock one the right way so that you don’t end up looking like a grandpa. From when to don one to what to pair it with, here’s exactly how to wear a cardigan in style.

What Is A Cardigan?

While the term “cardigan” can cover many styles, it essentially refers to a knitted jumper that opens at the front. Perfect as an easy jacket in autumn or a layering essential in winter, cardigans are designed to provide warmth while still appearing refined. The classical style comes in many varieties, making this wardrobe staple ideal for almost every occasion. Although the garment may not be considered modern or exciting, it is adept at adding a polished and stylish touch to outfits.

How Should A Cardigan Fit?

Finding the right fit for your cardigan depends greatly on the look you’re trying to achieve. If you want to create a relaxed or casual appearance, try a loose style. If you’re after an outfit that appears more polished, consider fitted cardigans that lightly hug your body. No matter which style you’re going for, you should only ever choose cardigans that fit your size, or the proportions may appear awkward.

Total Look: Antony Morato

Total Look: Antony Morato

A Sunny Sunday
Total Look: Pepe Jeans London

Total Look: Pepe Jeans London

Jeans and a T-shirt is the most basic outfit known to man, the most comfortable to wear, and thus one of the hardest to pull off. Because when you're only wearing two pieces of clothing and both of them are the most widely produced menswear items on the planet, finding the perfect versions of each—and wearing them together—requires the ability to know what fits your body best. It also requires you to know what tee goes with what jeans best, and which colors and washes just won't jive. Luckily, I found mine favorite at the moment by Pepe Jeans London.

Total Look: Pepe Jeans London

Total Look: Pepe Jeans London

Total Look: Pepe Jeans London

Total Look: Pepe Jeans London

Mercedes-Benz Premieres 2020 CLA 250 Coupe


Mercedes-Benz turned heads at CES Las Vegas when it debuted the 2020 CLA 250. The second generation CLA garnered praise from critics for its trim silhouette and sleek body, buoyed by a bevy of improved technical specs.

The 2020 CLA boasts 221 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque, made possible by a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four engine. Mercedes also reports that suspension and steering improvements make the CLA the best-driving compact model produced by the German behemoth, with standard front-wheel drive, though 4Matic all-wheel is an option. Mercedes also touts its improved infotainment system, which purportedly improves upon the edition debuted in 2018’s A-class CLA; the automaker demonstrated that the system can answer more complex questions (“What child-friendly Asian restaurants are nearby that are neither Chinese nor Japanese?”) and can be activated by a simple “Hey, Mercedes.”

Visit the Mercedes-Benz site for detailed information and look for the car to debut later this year.

Meanwhile, Porsche is revving up its 2020 911 Carrera Cabriolet.

Ford Unveils Its Most Powerful Street-Legal Mustang, the 2020 Shelby GT500

Ford has just unveiled its most powerful Mustang to date at this year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The 2020 Ford Shelby GT500 receives a supercharged 5.2-litre V8 motor that is matched with Ford’s newly-developed dual-clutch, seven-speed transmission — equating to 700 horsepower, all the while allowing the Shelby GT500 to sprint quarter-miles in just under 11 seconds.

Sporting the Shelby Cobra badge, the GT500 comes in various trims including a “Track Pack” which sees a number of carbon bits, Recaro seats, massive Brembo six-piston calipers, and even the removal of the rear seats for weight reduction. This is definitely going to please the American muscle crowd, as not only does the 2020 Ford Shelby GT500 get a massive boost in power, but its also receives refined interior/exterior styling, combined with quality components.

Look for more information on availability and pricing this coming fall. In other automotive news, the 2020 Toyota Supra has finally arrived.

Get Back On Track For 2019

Come wintertime, most of us excel at a few things: sipping whiskey-soaked beverages that make our insides warm and fuzzy. Trading AMRAP (as many reps as possible) workouts for AMHCAP (as many holiday cookies as possible) ones. And, in a possibly related story, putting on some weight. This can be a downer, regardless of your personal fitness goals, but especially if your 2019 resolution involved putting on a few pounds of muscle.

The bad news is that if you’re hoping to tone up and build size in the new year, you’ll need to do a lot more than just curtail your involvement in winter-induced gluttony.

1. Start with the basics

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a stellar physique. If you’re looking to put on a decent amount of size but you have no proficiency with basic movement patterns, make sure you fix that first. Focus on mastering things like loaded squats, deadlifts, lunges, and presses—all of which challenge a number of different muscle groups at once—to get started. Isolation exercises really shouldn’t be the heart of your program. In other words, biceps curls can wait.

2. Get strong to get huge

Muscle strength and muscle size are not the same thing, and if you don't pay attention to the former, you're never going to be successful with the latter. Most guys who want to put on muscle and not lose weight typically aren’t as strong as they could be.

To avoid this fate, start off with workouts that involve lower numbers of reps—between 6 and 12—and use a moderate to heavy weight. This will hit a pretty decent middle ground between training for strength and for size. Think of this phase as insurance for your body, which helps to prevent injury as you boost the intensity of your training and prepare for the serious hypertrophy (read: muscle-building) stage to come.

3. Eat, and then eat some more

When you're tearing down your body inside the gym, fueling becomes more important than ever; if you do it properly, you’ll have enough energy to recover, rebuild, and still get back in for your next workout. But we're not just talking about chicken breast, brown rice, and protein shakes. While you can salvage lean mass by eating a low-calorie, high-protein diet, you won’t see any explosive or noticeable growth.

Aspiring muscle growers prioritize nutrient-dense foods. Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can tolerate, and shoot for unprocessed plant-based carbohydrates, including quinoa, amaranth, millet, and starchy vegetables like squash or sweet potato. Good lean proteins include beans, lentils, fish, nuts, seeds, and eggs. Yes, chicken breast is still fine. All meat is still fine! Just don't confuse a cutting diet, which are often low in calories and high in protein, with a muscle-building diet, which includes a fair portion of carbohydrates.

Two other pro tips: Chew your food thoroughly, which helps make nutrients available to the body immediately, and try to drink at least 50 percent of your body weight in ounces of water each day. Hydration is always your friend.

4. Don't cross-pollinate exercises

There are professional athletes out there who are great at more than one sport. But you, in all likelihood, are not one of them. If building muscle is really your top priority for 2019, take some time to focus on lifting weights and not doing a whole lot else. It’s possible to put on muscle while still including long endurance work, but for most people, that balancing act will be more trouble than it's worth. Those Saturday morning ten-mile runs, like biceps curls, can wait for a few weeks.

5. Consistency includes variety (and breeds success)

Routines don't become routines overnight; they become routines because people go weeks or months or years without changing a thing. To ward off boredom, it's a very good idea to mix up the weights, or change the occasional rep scheme, or combine several core movements into one. just to keep the body guessing. But always remember: proficiency before creativity. Don’t go hitting thrusters—that’s a squat into a press—before you’ve got the squat 100 percent down.

Why? “You’ll need to fall in love with the press, deadlift, squat, and more—and if you're going to do this over the long term, you'll need to fall in love with all those things more than once.

The Ideal Christmas Cocktail Party Look

When the cocktails are a-flowin’, the suit separates should still be showin’. For cocktail attire, look to more relaxed tailoring, and embrace the split.

Try a blazer and trouser combination in navy, grey or black. See cocktail attire as the perfect opportunity to mix fabrics and colours. 

Then, pair with slim-fit trouser separates or chinos in a dark hue. Add a collared shirt, based out by a leather brogue, a buttery Chelsea boot or this season’s footwear favourite — the penny loafer.

Depending on the event, you may be able to go open neck.

Don’t forget to wear your favourite watch. I choose the Rado DiaMaster Petite Seconde! 

True Gentleman Always Wears a Wristwatch

At a time when a person can easily look at the smartphone's display, a true gentleman continues to wear a wristwatch. Here are the main reasons I think true gentlemen still wearing wristwatches like me:

  • Watches are a sign of style. The watch you choose to wear can attract others' attention more than the clothes you wear. And when it comes to gentlemen, the watch is an accessory that deserves to be appreciated. The wristwatch makes it easy to get a sense of style. This is a form of self-expression - it reflects the character. Like my Rado DiaMaster Petite Seconde express my more stylish, tailored and minimal side.

  • Wristwatches are pieces of art. Wristwatch is more than a time tracking device. It is a symbol of tradition and history which carries the spirit of handmade work. I Each of the mechanisms is placed manually, and the result is a truly unique piece of art. Few are the men who realize that the wrist watch is a piece of art. Only a true gentleman always appreciates this exquisite accessory that complements his garments.

  • A wristwatch is the perfect investment. It is not actually a true financial investment. It is rather an investment in your appearance and style, and thus in your way of life.  For a long time, prestige and elegance go hand in hand with the expensive and stylish wristwatch.