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Atelier Andy Carson Constructs Pavilion Home

Nestled along a rolling green pasture patch overlooking the scenic grandeur of Werri Beach, New South Wales is a concept home created by Atelier Andy Carson. The Headland House, which sits sandwiched between arching cliffs on one side and picturesque blue water on the other, is an imposing structure linking three separate pavilions within the confines of a protected courtyard.

Tasked with creating an alternate viewing experience for its homeowners, the architecture firm thought to incorporate framed glimpses of the exterior landscape, as opposed to typical dwelling arrangements that provide the same view from standard wall-to-wall windows. The interior space plays into the structure’s unique layout, further enhancing the thematic flow of each area. Color schemes keep to the subtle side, with varying shades of brown and grey echoing not only through raw materials, but furniture and accessories to boot.

A two-bedroom guesthouse caps of the project — providing out-of-town guests a cozy set up to relax and take in the majestic beauty of their immediate surroundings.

In case you missed it, Zedd gives a tour of his $16 million USD mansion.



The Harbin Opera House

Situated in China’s northernmost Heilongjiang province, Harbin is an industrial city set amongst a bitterly unforgiving landscape. The last place, therefore, that you would expect to find the sumptuous, sweeping curves of the Harbin Opera House. Designed by MAD Architects, the Opera House seems misplaced from a cityscape of the distant future, featuring a biologically-inspired aluminum exterior that, as envisioned by MAD founder Ma Yansong, “would blend into the winter landscape as a white snow dune arising from the wetlands.”

Dutch architectural photographer Iwan Baan traveled to Harbin in the midst of one of its infamous winters — where temperatures drop to a bone-chilling -30°C (-22°F) — to capture the building as encased by the throes of snow and ice, lending even more to its otherworldly aesthetic.

First European Bentley Suite, Located In Istanbul

St. Regis Hotels & Resorts has collaborated with Bentley to unveil the first European Bentley Suite located in Istanbul, Turkey following a successful inaugural Bentley Suite at the New York chapter. Inspired by the Continental GT range, the lush suite uses curvaceous silhouettes taken from Bentley’s signature design cues. All the aesthetics, from the expansive balcony overlooking Maçka Park – which also includes a breathtaking view of Istanbul and the Bosphorus strait — to the mirrored ceilings, marble floor inset, and veneer curved walls, were created with different parts of the luxury vehicle in mind. An epitome of opulent hospitality, the suite also features a handful of bespoke detailing, including a premium Bentley leather sofa, Bentley diamond upholstery in the champagne cooler, a special humidor, and custom carpeting throughout. 


Montee Karp Residence by Patrick Tighe Architecture

Patrick Tighe Architecture was challenged with renovating a post-beam home latched on the side of a steep mountain, but the end result is an airy, light-filled residence that epitomizes Californian living. The Malibu home faces stunning views of Santa Monica Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The home was renovated and updated for modern times, with sharp lines and edges reflecting the mountainous range. Beautiful pieces of art are displayed throughout the home, with various fixtures and lighting customized to enhance the viewing experience in this gallery-like home.