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The AirShip 002 Is a Sub-Inspired Cabin in the Scottish Highlands

If you’re looking for a unique getaway experience in the Scottish Highlands, consider the AirShip 002, a submarine-inspired, insulated aluminum pod designed by Roderick James Architects. The compact cabin is located in a secluded 4-acre site in Drimnin near the Isle of Mull, with views of the surrounding hills and sea.

The AirShip 002 features a galley, double-bed, kitchen, balcony and sitting area, all fitted with essential amenities, electricity and spring water. Both ends of the ship boast domed glass windows, while a wood-lined interior and indoor fireplace ensure a cozy stay.

You can book the AirShip 002 on Airbnb now for about $200 USD a night. For more stunning getaways, the Sacromonte Landscape Hotel is a modern vineyard resort in Uruguay.


Q-Yachts Designed a Completely Silent Electric Yacht

Europe’s Q-Yachts pursues avant-garde boat design, with a contemporary design bent. The company’s latest creation is the Q30, a revolutionary yacht that utilizes a completely silent propulsion system and zero-emission electric motor. Its clean white design ensures that the Q30 is as easy on the eyes as it is the ears, with sleek lines, a hydro-dynamically-optimized hull (for producing minimal wake) and surprisingly spacious below-deck cabin. Touch screens grant the helmsman complete control over the boat and access to a digital map, while the beach deck towards the rear offers a variety of functions and storage space. Though the cabin is minimal, the clever use of space makes for an impressively-expansive lounge area, complete with mirror, air conditioning and sink.

Lean more about the Q30 on Q-Yachts’s website and check it out in action below.

For more nautically-inclined designs, take a look at Ireland’s submarine-inspired AirShip 002 Cabin.


The Rockstar. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, he started his musical career while still attending Brentwood High School; the front man and primary songwriter of a band which would later become the award-winning, chart-topping legends: Maroon 5.

The Entertainer. Frequently lighting up our screens, he is a coach on the three-time Emmy Award winning NBC hit series, The Voice, and has also appeared in Family Guy; 30 Rock and American Horror Story. Charismatic, endearing and enthusiastic, he’s the guy you’d want as your brother, your wing-man, who looks like he’d be fun to hang out with, because guess what, he is.

The Style Setter. Unapologetically real, always true to himself, his authentic All-American rockstar style is unaffected by trends but always on-point. Unafraid to try something new, whether it’s bleached blonde hair with dark roots or jet black all-over, and with tattoos pretty much everywhere, his natural good looks convey an attitude that’s cool yet uncontrived.
YSL Beauty is proud to welcome on board the supremely talented recording artist, actor, and presenter Adam Levine. A multifaceted modern man, he is the embodiment of Y, the latest masculine fragrance launch by YSL.

Adam will enrich the universe of Y, inspiring others with his sense of accomplishment, and bringing his considerable creativity, infectious sense of humour and catchy personality to a wide audience in the USA and around the world. With his own Instagram fan-base of over 10 million followers, Adam will engage a stylish, music-loving audience, his popular appeal ensuring a wide-reaching public and social presence. A perfect pairing for Y’s innovative spirit & creative style, the fragrance is rooted in that same sense of freedom that Adam personifies.

“I’m psyched to be collaborating with YSL Beauty, a brand which has always appealed to me for its standout style and groundbreaking imagery. As a musician, I relate to the raw passion and strong sense of individuality of YSL; and being a part of the story of Y is exciting to me - it is not the story of one man, but of a whole creative generation. I’m excited to develop our relationship and see where it will lead.” Adam Levine

“Adam Levine is the perfect fir for the brand and what our new fragrance Y represents. A star of the music world, a familiar face on our screens, a true talent, he brings a new dimension to YSL Beauty.” - Alexandre Choueiri, President, International Designer Collections, L’Oréal USA

Beijing Bridge Inspired By Olympic Rings

Ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, architecture studio Penda has designed a new bridge connecting Beijing and neighboring city Zhangjiakou where some of the outdoor Olympic games are slated to take place. Inspired by the five Olympic rings, the structure consists of a series of overlapping arcs made from tubular stainless-steel struts. The shape also pays homage to the nearby mountains, which led to the name San Shan Bridge (translated as Three Mountains Bridge). The 452-meter bridge adds an inviting context toward the mountainous scenery of Zhangjiakou, as envisioned by architects Chris Precht and Dayong Sun. The helix construction provides structural support similar to a roller coaster, while using five times less steel than a regular box-girder frame. Finally, a row of hedges and trees create divisions on the deck separating pedestrians and cyclists from cars. If the project is approved, it will spearhead a system of upgrades for Beijing’s preparation of the Winter Olympics.


Volvo S90 Excellence Interior Concept

First previewed at last year’s Shanghai Auto Show, Volvo has provided an update on its executive-class Lounge Console concept by elevating it into a “sculpture.” As a visualization of how the concept would look inside the marque’s S90 Excellence sedan, the concept entirely removes the front passenger seat to make way for a console that incorporates an iPad entertainment unit and shoe storage, as well as functioning as a heated foot rest. Meanwhile, the rear center arm rest has a foldout table and wireless keyboard, a champagne cooler, and space for two crystal chalices from luxury glassmaker Orrefors. Offering configurations for work, play and rest, the Lounge Console will no doubt provide that extra bit of incentive for executives to stay on the road.

Mr. Burberry

Introducing the new fragrance for men, inspired by both the iconic black trench coat and by London – a city of great contrasts. Traditional yet irreverent, elegant without being pristine.

Eau de Toilette

Crafted top notes of crisp zesty grapefruit with a seductive base of earthy vetiver and smokey guaiac wood


A contemporary grooming collection infused with the invigorating and sensual scent of Mr. Burberry


A man of contrasts. Classic yet contemporary, sophisticated and sensual, Mr. Burberry is celebrated with a sartorial ready-to-wear men’s collection including the new Chelsea fit Heritage Trench Coat. The edit pays tribute to classic British tailoring with a sense of irreverence.


If you find yourself reaching for your wallet to buy new clothes in order to boost your confidence, hold off. You'd be surprised by how much grooming helps to find the real you. Managing your body, hair or changing your hairstyle, will impart a newfound confidence. Right here, we present 3 essential grooming products that every gentleman must own.


Forget the self-help section and cash-swindling life coaches, when it comes to getting ahead in life, it’s fragrance that’s your best friend. A fragrance that will liberate you from the stereotypical male bullshit and will help you be the most attractive man you could be: YOURSELF.

AXE SIGNATURE OUD WOOD & DARK VANILLA is the perfect choice. A long lasting fragrance with sophisticated scents developed by perfumers in the world and a new pump format which contains 0% gas, make this product more precise and less overpowering. This fresh and eclectic fragrance is for sure our number one choice for everyday use.


Sweating is not welcome even at the gym! Sweat marks also! But why exactly do we sweat? Sweating is your body’s mechanism to cool down and the familiar unpleasant odor is caused by bacteria that live on our skin. Efficient antiperspirant products is the solution and they come in a variety of different formats, so it’s up to you to decide what you feel most comfortable with.

AXE SIGNATURE ANTI-MARKS PROTECTION offers both formats and a 48h protection against sweating for a long-lasting freshness.  At the same times it will protect you from white and yellow clothe marks. That will allow you guys to keep your style impeccable for longer and longer. This product is packed with great innovations that makes it stand out for sure


Αν ετοιμάζεσαι να αδειάσεις το πορτοφόλι σου αγοράζοντας καινούρια ρούχα για να νιώσεις καλύτερα, ίσως πρέπει να περιμένεις. Η σωστή περιποίηση του εαυτού σου, θα σε κάνει σίγουρα να νιώσεις καλύτερα. Περιποιήσου το σώμα και τα μαλλιά σου και θα δεις αμέσως την αυτοπεποίθηση σου να εκτινάσσεται. Δες 3 προϊόντα περιποίησης που κάθε άντρας θα πρέπει να έχει στη συλλογή του.


Ξέχνα τα βιβλία που σου λένε πως να ενισχύσεις την αυτοπεποίθηση σου και τα σεμινάρια life coaching. Ένα καλό καθημερινό άρωμα θα γίνει ο καλύτερος σου φίλος. Αυτό που θα σε απαλλάξει από τα στερεότυπα και τα κλισέ και θα σε βοηθήσει να γίνεις ο πιο ελκυστικός άντρας που μπορείς να είσαι: ο εαυτός σου.

Το AXE SIGNATURE OUD WOOD & DARK VANILLA είναι μια εξαιρετική επιλογή. Άρωμα που διαρκεί, με εκλεπτυσμένες και σοφιστικέ νότες, φτιαγμένο από κορυφαίους αρωματοποιούς και με βασικές νότες αυτές του ξύλου και της σκούρας βανίλιας. Επιπλέον ο ειδικός μηχανισμός σπρέι δεν περιέχει προωθητικά αέρια για ακριβή εφαρμογή και καλύτερη αίσθηση. Με τη φρεσκάδα και την απαλότητά του, το άρωμα αυτό είναι αδιαμφισβήτητα μια ιδανική επιλογή για καθημερινή χρήση.


O ιδρώτας δεν είναι ευπρόσδεκτος ούτε στο γυμναστήριο! Τα σημάδια από αυτόν στα ρούχα επίσης! Αλλά έχετε αναρωτηθεί ποτέ γιατί ιδρώνουμε? Ο ιδρώτας είναι η φυσική διαδικασία του σώματος να μειώσει την θερμοκρασία του και η δυσάρεστη μυρωδιά που έρχεται μαζί με αυτόν είναι αποτέλεσμα της υγρασίας και των βακτηρίων που ζουν στην επιδερμίδα μας. Αποτελεσματικά προϊόντα ενάντια στον ιδρώτα είναι η λύση. Διαθέσιμα σε διαφορετικά formats είναι στο χέρι σου να επιλέξεις αυτό με το οποίο νιώθεις πιο άνετα.

Το AXE SIGNATURE ANTI-MARKS PROTECTION προσφέρεται σε roll on αλλά και σε σπρέι και σου δίνει 48ωρη προστασία από την εφίδρωση για αίσθηση φρεσκάδας και καθαριότητας που διαρκεί. Επιπλέον προστατεύει από τα λευκά και κίτρινα σημάδια στα ρούχα διατηρώντας το στυλ σου ακαταμάχητο. Ένα καινοτόμο προϊόν που σίγουρα ξεχωρίζει. 

The Ansty Plum House

Let’s get one thing out of the way right off the bat: no, this house isn’t called the “Antsy Plum House,” as cute as that may sound. Rather, the house is located in and named after the idyllic village and civil parish of Ansty, England.

The house itself was originally built in the ’60s on a steep, sylvan slope overlooking a collection of 12th century buildings. The home was originally built for Danish-British civil engineer Ove Arup and included a separate studio for the homeowner to work in. Over the years, water damage, decay and disrepair ate away at the house.

The architects at Coppin Dockray, however, saved the day and retrofitted the entire original structure, repairing and retouching the home to preserve it. The renovations included an overhaul of the building’s insulation, which resulted in an 80% reduction in carbon emissions and eventually landed the architects a shortlisting for an AJ Retrofit Award in 2015 and the award for ‘Best Renovation’ in the 2015 Telegraph Homebuilding & Renovating Awards.

Personalised Shoes? Santoni Shoes!

Santoni introduces a new and exclusive personalization service for its digital clientele. The protagonist is the icon of the Maison, the Carter model with a double buckle, which has become over the time the emblem of the Santoni style. Learn below how you can create your own unique pair of Caters step by step. 

Step 1: Enter the “MYSANTONICOLOURS” section of the website

Step2: You can customize your own Carters by picking one colour from the wide range or even by creating unexpected two-coloured combinations, all painted by hand by Santoni master craftsmen. The palette consists of 16 shades with more than 500 possible combinations.

Step 3: An additional element of personalization is the possibility to sign the internal sole with one’s own initials thanks to a hot branding machine.

In 3 simple steps, luxury fans and style maniacs can order a unique customized product and receive it at home in 4 weeks. The new “MYSANTONICOLOURS” service, an evolution of a creative process since-ever married with the highest craftsmanship, addresses to satisfy the gentleman who loves to actively contribute to the creation of an exclusive product with his own taste and individuality. So hurry up gentlemen, visit now and get your own personalized Carter pair of shoes!

BMW Looks to the Future With Its Vision Next 100 Concept

This year marks the 100-year anniversary of The Ultimate Driving Machine and, to celebrate, BMW has unveiled its most futuristic concept to date. Dubbed the Vision Next 100, the car follows the likes of January’s i8 concepts and envisions what the BMW of 2116 may look like. The result? A low-sitting, fully electric sedan that boasts the likes of four butterfly doors (each of which opens via proximity sensors), “flexible skin”-covered wheels, and the ability to drive itself. The car even boasts a driver-centric Boost mode whereby the driver takes control of the wheel as “Alive Geometry” presents three-dimensional warning messages or even shows the optimum line and speed the driver should take on the road. If autonomous Ease mode is more your style, however, you can kick back as the steering wheel becomes flush with the dash, the seats recline to a more comfy limo-like ride and the car itself points out surrounding scenery and passing landmarks. The Vision Next 100 also employs a so-called Companion personal assistant that monitors both the driver and passengers, learns their habits and adapts to their needs over time — it can even interact with nearby pedestrians.

For more on the German automotive giant’s vision of century ahead, venture on over to BMW’s dedicated Next 100 website.

Small Summer Cabin in Norway

Norwegian studio Lund Hagem has designed a beautiful cabin nestled between two large boulders. The boulders create a natural formation making a protected area, of which the building is accessible from a small path cutting through a heavily vegetated area. The design of the cabin itself was also intended to extend its natural surroundings, with a unique precast roof that juts out from the side of the rock and angles down to meet the ground. This roof also doubles as a staircase that leads to the deck, while the interior and exterior are seamlessly integrated. Check out more sleek and innovative designs at Lund Hagem’s site.


McLaren Unveils its Latest Race-Ready 650S GT3

McLaren’s high-powered 650S coupe got a track-ready GT3 update back in 2014 and now the racer is back with a brand new look for 2016. Set for a debut at next month’s Geneva Motor Show, the vehicle is highlighted by a modified body design — weighing 2,733 lbs — while carrying over the biturbo 3.8-liter V8 engine and six-speed sequential gearbox of the previous design (now rated at about 500 horsepower given the restrictions of the FIA GT3 regulations).

Expect the car to compete in the likes of the Blancpain Endurance Series and the Blancpain Sprint Series after making its public debut in Geneva come March 1.


CORNICHE Heritage 40

A Classic Watch, With A Dash of New –
The Heritage 40 In Rose Gold - Gentlemans Diary's latest addiction!

The Heritage 40 brings a range of fresh details and comes in four different versions, all featuring ceramic dials and hand-applied markers. The white dial rose gold version is one of the most classic pieces, with its blue anodized dauphine hands providing an exciting contrast we’ve all grown to love. Its stylish looks make it the perfect dress watch, but then again, it’ll look just as good on the beach. A true gentleman always selects his timepieces carefully, paying attention on details and design. Corniche watches is one of the those brands that combine both. Visit now their official site by clicking here and dive deep in the corniche watches world. 

Ghostly Range Rover Evoque Convertibles Are Haunting London

With the drop-top’s reveal set for this November, Land Rover is drumming up excitement for its upcoming Range Rover Evoque Convertible with colorful, ghostly wireframe versions of the vehicle. Placed throughout London, the six life-sized replicas — crafted out of aluminum by Land Rover’s own design team — appear outside of luxury retailers around the city. This isn’t the first time the manufacturer has undertaken the endeavor either; it previously placed cruder wireframe versions of the Evoque’s hardtop around Paris.

Stay tuned for the Evoque Convertible’s official reveal in the weeks ahead.

Ducati Unveils the Monster 1200 R

Celebrated Italian bike manufacturer Ducati took to IAA in Frankfurt this week to unveil the most powerful version of its most popular naked bike: an “R” version of the Monster 1200. Utilizing the 1198cc Testastretta DS R (the latest take on Ducati’s classic V-twin), the new bike offers increased power and speed over its predecessor — improving on the 1200 S’s specs with 117.7kW of power at 9,250 rpm while torque tops out at 131 Nm at 7,750 rpm — thanks largely to a two-into-one-into-two exhaust of 58 mm pipes. Other improvements over the S include the likes of a wet clutch with slipper functionality, an adjustable Ohlins suspension, Brembo brakes, and Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tires — all of which have been borrowed from Ducati’s top-of-the-line 1299 Panigale.

Tommy Hilfiger “TH Bold” Fragrance

Strong and sporty, TH Bold is made for the rebel who plays to win. TH Bold celebrates theTommy Hilfiger spirit of determination and confidence – a uniquely powerful blend. With a fusion of crisp citrus, herb al and spicy notes, the masculine fragrance speaks to the modern man who’s intensely passionate and has a desire to live boldly. The ad campaign features the tennis icon Rafael Nadal.